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Robotic Process Automation with Bizagi

Intelligent Automation = DPA + RPA + AI

Build Your Digital Information Conveyor Belt

Building a true digital enterprise requires agility and efficiency in core business processes. The advent of RPA to speed manual, error-prone tasks is a huge step in that transformation. But to realize the full value of a digital workforce, your robots must be connected to the people, information, systems, and devices that are part of any operation. Bizagi is an information conveyor belt that manages the whole business process, enabling you to identify where robots should be deployed and orchestrate your digital workforce, while connecting to your employees, customers and business partners.

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“We’re using Bizagi to orchestrate all the data coming in. We’re using RPA and Bizagi to remove the noise that occupies most people’s days, and leaving people with valuable work. We’re doing it all in parallel and that’s really the critical piece.”

- Matt Lavoie, Head of RPA & DPA – Citizens Bank

The Right Platform for Intelligent Automation

Click & Go Integration

Bizagi natively integrates with all leading RPA platforms out of the box. This ‘click and go’ experience ensures unmatched speed of delivery when building process applications that use robots.

No Robot Tax

We embrace and encourage the use of digital workers. Other solutions treat robots as users and charge license fees. A robot tax will be counterproductive to your digital transformation.

RPA at Scale

Bizagi’s Spark methodology accelerates your ROI from RPA and ensures the right level of governance as you adopt automation across the enterprise and scale your digital workforce.

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