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Robotic Process Automation with Bizagi

How to integrate RPA into your digital operations

Where does Robotic Process Automation (RPA) fit in?

RPA carries huge potential for unlocking efficiency and speed by enabling organizations to free human resource from performing repetitive tasks. This creates huge opportunities for companies across many industries, especially financial services, legal services and healthcare to reduce costs while improving the customer experience. One important question comes out of all the noise around Robotic Process Automation: Is RPA a silver bullet?

Organizations need to answer important questions about how to leverage RPA:

  •   What is the specific role of RPA within a broader digital transformation strategy?
  •   How can RPA work with the deeper intelligence, rules and integrations you need?
  •   How do I select the right RPA technology to integrate with my existing technology landscape?

How Bizagi can help

Bizagi works with every leading RPA vendor – having implemented projects across industries and around the globe. Bizagi plus RPA brings together the power of a digital process automation platform with the benefit of rapidly automating mundane tasks (RPA). This combination is a popular solution for repetitive tasks that require human intervention. Typically these tasks include queries, calculations or maintenance of records and transactions.

Bizagi delivers end-to-end process automation, orchestrating people, devices and things, e.g. bots

RPA handles repetitive tasks and data entry within a process, e.g. new employee setup

Process automation and RPA together deliver true Digital Process Automation

Bizagi & RPA - Better Together

Use Cases

  •   Customer On-boarding
  •   Excel Elimination
  •   Customer Service
  •   Month Close
  •   Order to Cash
  •   Candidate Sourcing

Learn How to Deliver Agility with RPA and Bizagi

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