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Full visibility of processes

Centralized operational reporting

The National Benefits Administration (NBA) was looking to transform the manual and time consuming handoffs across various teams, by increasing accuracy and timeliness in support of CA, and regional members benefit configuration and their annual product to market. Their Leadership wanted to increase operational gains by applying more automation to the process across multiple teams, reducing delays and clarifying ownership and traceability. 

Working in partnership with expert consultancy InnoVelocity, the NBA team used the Bizagi platform to put in place a structured and automated process in place which enabling various departments to coordinate and provide input to benefit and policy changes, understand impacts across various teams and departments, allowing clear delivery of requirements to the configuration team. 
All stakeholders are connected through the Bizagi platform, which provides visibility via a single source of information. This has helped to speed up turnaround times and provide reliable visibility over the end-to-end process, increasing the quality of benefits configuration deployed to production in support of our customers and members.  


“Bizagi has increased our operational efficiencies and capabilities. It reduced the turnaround time and gave us more visibility on the key milestones.”  

Director Business Process Management


  • Develop standardized process and cross-functional views of the annual product configuration activities.
  • Create single source of truth for NBA and their stakeholders to access the right information at the right time.
  • Find solution to inconsistent and untraceable email activity.
  • Apply automation to reduce manual hand-offs and increase time to market in support of our customers and members’ needs.
  • Leverage expertise of individuals to ensure optimal process.


  • Established a structured end-to-end process to ensure clarity and consistency.
  • Bizagi acts as a single source of information with real time updates, allowing team members rely on accurate and timely information.
  • All communications go through the Bizagi platform, ensuring traceability and speed.
  • Visibility over the entire configuration process means they can identify and eliminate bottlenecks to deliver amendments to the product faster.
  • Individuals empowered by data visibility to make informed decisions that will benefit the business.