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Bizagi Launches Native RPA and True Cloud Capabilities Across The Digital Business Platform  

- Bizagi 11.2 delivers RPA orchestration, out of the box Excel Connector and native cloud use through the Microsoft Azure app service.

SANTA CLARA, CA – 26 March, 2019 Bizagi, a leading provider of digital process automation software designed to enable the digital transformation goals of enterprises around the globe, today launched Bizagi 11.2 – the latest release of its Digital Business Platform.
This new release of the powerful and intuitive software brings a number of important capabilities that cement Bizagi's recognized leadership position in the digital process automation market. Importantly, many have been developed in close collaboration with its enterprise customers.

The highlights of this new release include:

RPA Native integration: Bizagi is committed to delivering limitless automation capacity. That’s why Bizagi 11.2 comes with a native RPA integration hub where users will be able to orchestrate bots from leading RPA vendors.

Bizagi and RPA create a powerful end-to-end automation solution. RPA handles repetitive tasks and data entry within a process, with Bizagi delivering end-to-end process automation, orchestrating people, devices and bots across the enterprise.

Find out how to use Bizagi and RPA together to fully realize your RPA investment and achieve end-to-end automation of your business processes in our new e-book, Why Bizagi and RPA Are Better Together: 3 Essential Reasons to Combine Automation Technologies for Digital Transformation.

Built-in Excel Connector: With over 1 billion users around the globe, Microsoft Excel is the de facto standard for calculations, analysis and reporting of financial information. Excel is often intrinsic to decision making, yet the data remains isolated making it hard to include in process automation projects.

Bizagi now features a brand new native Excel connector that can be configured to perform a sequence of reading and writing operations as part of a process. Bizagi’s new Excel connector improves data quality and reduces information risk by automating re-keying tasks.

Azure Web Apps: Bizagi’s Digital Business Platform is bringing the next generation of true cloud applications to the process automation market. While other platforms use virtual machines hosted in the cloud, Bizagi now stands out by offering a True Cloud platform that runs natively in the Microsoft Azure App Service.

Bizagi is leveraging the security and patching model of Microsoft Azure, ensuring identity and attacks are managed effectively every time. In terms of scalability, true cloud ensures process applications can scale up and down as and when needed. True Cloud will also deliver improved availability as updates and upgrades to the Bizagi Automation Service happen quickly and without downtime.

Bizagi CEO Gustavo Gomez commented, “These innovations are all about helping our customers to accelerate and scale their digital transformation initiatives – getting results faster than they could with any other technologies.”

“Our new RPA approach enables our customers to smoothly integrate and orchestrate bots from the leading vendors, ensuring we can deliver intelligent process automation across their business. Also, instead of eliminating Excel, we want our customers to take full advantage of Excel’s power and integrate it easily with Bizagi. Instead of coding or creating business rules users can now expand Bizagi’s calculation capabilities, reducing implementation times and speeding time to value. Finally, we’re disrupting the process automation market by offering True Cloud applications, combining all the power of Bizagi with the world-class scalability, security and availability features of Microsoft Azure Apps.” added Gomez.

About Bizagi
Bizagi helps organizations to transform into digital businesses. Its process automation platform connects people, applications, devices and information to deliver the engaging experience that today’s customers demand. Fuelled by a community of almost 1 million users, Bizagi powers enterprises worldwide including adidas, BAE Systems and Old Mutual. For more information visit www.bizagi.com

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