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faster pricing framework creation


reduced pricing approval cycle time


customer shipping cases submitted in 7 months

Complete visibility across workflows

Unilever International required a process automation platform to map out and simplify some of their more complex processes, which were not properly integrated with their key systems. Providing clear, integrated, and automated workflows would provide better visibility, especially for supply chain and finance processes. This would also reduce time employees spent chasing colleagues for approvals and manually updating data to ensure compliance with international shipping and pricing processes. 

Working with Bizagi implementation partner, Nividous, Unilever International used Bizagi’s low-code platform as a user-friendly interface to manage large data sets. Integrations with key applications, such as SAP and DocuSign, provided an easy and reliable way to ensure data was up-to-date and decisions were approved on-time by the correct people. Visibility of workflows including customer shipping information maintenance and customer pricing frameworks improved accountability and accuracy of information across the business while automation contributed to halving pricing approval times.


Unilever International Delivers Customer Excellence in Cross-Border Commerce

Discover how Unilever International leveraged Bizagi’s low-code automation platform to increase efficiency, productivity and control frameworks in their cross-border product shipments.

We couldn’t be happier with the rollout... Users now have visibility of the status of every single request and can follow up with team members to close the action. If we don’t have the right approvals, it leads to leakage in profits, so the controls in Bizagi have really helped the business.”

Cynthia Tan

Digital Transformation & Capability Lead


  • Provide visibility and transparency of business processes
  • Integrate disparate applications
  • Close gaps in processes to minimize risk and ensure governance
  • Eliminate manual chasing for approvals to speed up process
  • Save time and increase efficiency of key processes 
  • Re-design and automate customer shipping information process to ensure data is always up-to-date
  • Automate customer pricing framework to save time and adhere to multiple parameters
  • Centralize marketing budgets to eliminate inconsistencies 

Achievements :

  • Established workflows and clear user interfaces provide complete visibility of process status
  • Integration with SAP, DocuSign and Excel for speed and accuracy of data
  • Full audit trail of processes with accountability for task ownership
  • Automated approval reminders to meet deadlines
  • Customer shipping information data updates automated with approval flows to meet company policies 
  • Customer pricing framework reengineered to intuitive user interface with 3x faster creation
  • Customer pricing framework cycle time reduced by 50%
  • Centralized marketing budget system with tracker of actual vs planned spend