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To facilitate customer service operations, Motrac used an IVR (interactive voice response) system, to transfer customers to a service planner in the correct department to perform tasks such as check the BMWT status, pass on time sheets or make a service request. This required a separate reference number for each truck, and with each caller often enquiring about a multitude of trucks, these conversations regularly took longer than intended.

Furthermore, there was no overview of current objects, associated contracts, warranty periods and SLAs for Motrac and the customer as this information was spread over different systems. This led to a search for necessary data, which made it difficult to analyse the service processes, among other things.

Bizagi technology partner Nimble developed a service portal that required fewer human interventions to deliver and process information fast and efficiently, creating a next level customer service experience for both the customer and Motrac Linde. The portal allows customers to view and amend contracts, track trucks and read truck information, such as the odometer reading, the model and the BMWT status. In addition, the customer can create a service notification from the overview with a touch of a button. All data in the service portal is obtained from Motrac's current systems, with Bizagi as the hub of these integrations. The data is effortlessly transferred from Microsoft Axapta and SalesForce to provide the user with the right information in the portal. When requesting a service, the planner automatically receives all the necessary information (customer, truck and contract data), without the customer having to fill in anything. 



  • Connect systems to deliver and process information faster and more efficiently
  • Eliminate duplication of operations
  • Reduce human inputs to increase efficiency and accuracy
  • Improve customer experience


  • 50,000 euros saved per year
  • 2-4 hours saved per day within the service department
  • Complete history of services provides full audit trail
  • Customers can create actions
  • Increased reliability as dashboard minimzes errors and increases accuracy