Introducing Bizagi Process Mining: 4 Key Benefits

When it comes to digital transformation initiatives, we cannot deny that we are operating in a world of “too much”. Too much demand. Too much complexity. Too much disruption. With these challenges ahead of us, it’s more important than ever to find efficient ways of analyzing and monitoring our business processes and strategy.

Process mining is a great way to tackle these challenges as it allows business leaders to better understand their operations. It also provides their teams with the tools to constantly innovate and improve performance by knowing the current state of business processes.

In the world of too much, it can be easy to lose sight of your business processes. Once processes have been modeled and automated, they often evolve and when the initial definitions are tweaked, cracks can emerge in business operations. What users believe is occurring within processes may no longer be the truth after several iterations of the original process. So, it’s essential to use techniques, such as process mining, to understand how processes are truly working, not just how we think they are working. 


So, what exactly is Process Mining?

Process mining is a process discovery technique that extracts knowledge from the systems your employees use for their daily work and provides insights on how the business processes perform. Think of it as an x-ray of your processes. 

Event logs available in information systems are used to automatically generate a process model that can be compared with your initial process definition, which allows to you identify problems, or even propose improvements. 

Gartner summarizes process mining as “A technique designed to discover, monitor and improve real processes (i.e., not assumed processes) by extracting readily available knowledge from the event logs of information systems.”

Users of Bizagi Modeler Enterprise can now access process mining capabilities to leverage their process data and optimize business operations. This allows organizations to automate as-is process discovery, provide accurate business impact analysis and help teams focus on the change that will provide the most value.

Bizagi process mining diagram.png

These are the four most significant process mining benefits you can gain by including it in your wider business process strategy: 


1.    Business Transparency

Process mining allows you to automatically locate existing and relevant data stored in your systems and ultimately better understand that data. Stakeholders can rest assured that they have a real-time view of their processes based on the data stored on IT systems. They can then use this information to fix any inefficiencies. 

All this valuable data can be used to create end-to-end process models, which provides a higher level of transparency for the whole organization and creates an accurate big picture of all your organization’s processes. 

2.    Increased efficiency and reduced process costs

Process mining reveals the untapped potential available in your processes. Even if your processes are fully automated, it is possible that over time well-intentioned workarounds will appear and create inefficiencies that will slow your productivity. 

With the data collected, you can quickly identify any process inefficiencies, bottlenecks affecting operations, or specific tasks that will benefit from automation. Addressing these issues will have a direct impact on the overall efficiency of the process, and ultimately reduce the cost to the business. 

3.    Enhanced customer experience

When process mining tools are used as part of your organization’s wider transformation strategy, you can constantly find ways to optimize your processes. This will directly improve the customer journey and customer experience. 

Data extracted and analyzed during process mining provides excellent insights into the root causes of issues, allowing stakeholders to react faster and provide better customer service. 

4.    Improved compliance

From industry regulations through to specific business process requirements, there are often restrictions and compliance matters that must be taken into consideration. This reduced the space for operation error and limits the alternative paths that employees can take.  

With process mining, audits can be performed faster, reducing both the cost and time usually consumed by identifying compliance issues, detecting deviant behavior, and flagging potential compliance risks.


Try Bizagi’s process mining capabilities now

With the latest version of Bizagi Modeler, process mining is now available with Bizagi Modeler Enterprise subscriptions. If you’d like to learn more about Bizagi Process Mining and how to gain the benefits of this new feature, visit our User Guide.