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Innovative Digital Transformation Partnerships

To deliver deep customer value

Truly successful business partnerships start with people you can get along with and trust.

From fixing short-term process issues to supporting complete business transformation, Bizagi is adept at meeting the challenges of your customers.

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What our partners say

I'd use Bizagi for any project, regardless of size, scale or complexity.
It truly is BPMS without limits.

Alberto Serfaty, Senior Manager, Performance Improvement, EY

Which partner program is right for you?

Services Partner
  •   Expertise in Consulting Services
  •   Leverage excellence in delivery
  •   Provide premier support capabilities
Choose our Services
partner program to:
gain hands-on experience of process development & delivery; build Digital Transformation knowledge within the team.

Value Added Reseller
  •  Expertise reselling enterprise software
  •  Established sales and marketing team
  •  Deliver Industry-Specific Solutions
Our Value Added Reseller partner program is ideal to: create tailored vertical solutions based on your deep industry expertise.

Strategic Partner
  •  Deliver at a global level
  •  Develop thought leadership
  •  Create a Center of Excellence
Our Strategic partner
program helps to:
deliver Digital Transformation to the enterprise encompassing departments, languages and timezones.

What do you get as a Partner?

  •   Full access to Bizagi software suite
  •   Online and instructor-led training & eLearning
  •   Certification (developer and business users)
  •   Best practice methodologies
  •   Full access to the partner portal
  •   Business process templates

From entry level implementation to full global delivery our tiered partnering programs allow you to select a package to suit your needs.

Partners get results with Bizagi

Click below and learn about some of the most successful customer projects delivered by our partners…

BBVA (Anida)


Real Estate processes


  •  19 weeks
  •  12 processes (40 in Phase 2)
  •  1000 users


Greater control and visibility of real estate processes, fully integrated with bank’s existing architecture. BPMS is now the underlying foundation for the whole process lifecycle – not just admissions.

Read Case Study
Banco Popular (Aliseda)


Real Estate processes


  •  6 weeks
  •  5 processes
  •  400 users - one Bizagi user in every branch


End-to-end transparency and visibility over the repossession process. Efficient management of many suppliers and third parties such as lawyers and tax collection authorities

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  •  PO change management
  •  Trade vendor on-boarding
  •  Store investment approval
  •  eCommerce pricing
  •  Sports Asset Contract approval


  •  25 processes
  •  2 years
  •  3,000 users
  •  346,000 cases per year


Connected 500 adidas sales operations with over 400 factories streamlining 5,000 purchase order changes per month. Operational efficiency improved by 60%. Trade Vendor on-boarding time reduced by 50%. Sports Asset contract approval cycle condensed from 1-2 months to 1 week.

Read Case Study

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