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audit compliance/documentation on key processes


throughput time improvement   


additional IT headcount required

As its business was growing into new product lines and business sectors, JSR Micro needed to speed up adoption of new business processes while keeping its administrative overhead low. As an advanced materials manufacturer, they also had to ensure compliance with numerous ISO and customer audit requirements. 

By applying Digital Process Automation with the help of InnoVelocity, JSR Micro identified, improved and automated key business processes in all areas of the organization (Sales and Customer Service, Purchasing and Logistics, Manufacturing and Quality, IT support, and more). DPA ensured that these processes were performed consistently with the audit trail to match, while improving efficiency by 45%. Bizagi’s low-code platform and the assistance of InnoVelocity meant they were able to do this with no additional IT headcount.

I haven’t yet been asked a question by an auditor that I couldn’t answer by immediately pulling up the data."

VP, Global Quality


  •  Speed up adoption of new and changed business processes
  •  Improve throughput time, eliminate processing delays
  •  Minimize overheads: reduce manual effort and rework
  •  Continue to satisfy stringent customer, legal and financial audit requirements
  •  Ensure complete, accurate audit documentations


  •  Clearly defined processes followed to ensure compliance
  •  45% throughput time improvement
  •  Zero additional IT headcount required
  •  Customizable BAM reports that pull data in real time