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Rapid process automation for responsible sale of real-estate repossessions;
two further processes bring visibility and transparency for 400 users
Banco Popular relies on Bizagi BPMS to solve a burning process issue in just 6 weeks
About Banco Popular
Banco Popular Español is the fourth largest banking group in Spain. In 2014, the bank sold 51% of its Estate Services subsidiary, Aliseda, to two funds for €815 million: a move made possible by the bank’s ability to demonstrate the time and cost savings achieved through process automation.
banco popular
Initially, we only planned for 50 users for one process. Today, there are 400 users using all 5 processes – Bizagi is going viral, with one user in every branch. Alberto Serfaty, Senior Manager, Performance Improvement, EY
Best practice:
  • Ensure fast results by having a dedicated and responsive process manager
  • Schedule time (around 2 weeks) to fully complete the process model
  • Recognize that a ‘tactical fix’ can only be delivered using agile methods
  • Insist on a Proof of Concept using your own data and integration points
  • Define early which processes are purely tactical and which are strategic
  • Keep one document for all phases: process discovery, specification, test and training
The recent economic downturn left banks such as Banco Popular with a burning problem: how to dispose of toxic assets quickly and legally - while also delivering a fair deal for homeowners.

Entrusting Bizagi and EY with real estate assets worth €12,000m, Banco Popular developed a series of high-energy process initiatives. In 24 weeks, Bizagi created a total 4 processes that together allow the bank to buy, approve, sell and instigate judicial proceedings for its entire property portfolio.
  • Remove toxic assets through strong process automation
  • Define process for repayment of debt to the bank (buy)
  • Implement process to complete the buying transaction (approve)
  • Both processes to be delivered in 6 weeks during holiday period
  • Bizagi a tactical fix: return to existing BPMS following deployment
  • Work with EY to embed due diligence and knowledge transfer
  • 2 processes delivered in six weeks with only two full-time staff
  • Widespread and fast user acceptance across the business
  • Additional judicial and sell processes delivered in 18 weeks
  • All sub-processes highly complex; involving many third parties (lawyers, tax authorities, police)
  • Robust supplier management achieved through strict KPIs
  • 400 licences; one user in every branch of the bank
  • Bizagi proves ability to co-exist with corporate BPMS

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