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Transforming Customer Engagement
Make your Digital Breakthrough

Every customer has a context
To offer the best possible customer experience, you need context. You need to understand which products or services will be most relevant to that customer, at that moment in time. The problem is, the data that will give it to you can end up locked away in siloed systems. The challenge is to surface this data, at the most important points in the customer journey.
Digitizing Customer Engagement
Every day organizations make digital breakthroughs using Bizagi. In this research report, you will find peer insights and practical advice to help you move forward. Read our report to learn how organizations are:
  • Becoming more agile and getting new products to market faster
  • Connecting systems for a 360-degree view of customers
  • Drawing on contextual data to build first-class experiences
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Digital transformation success stories Organizations that have used Bizagi to make a breakthrough.
How Mentis Neuro Health cut the time it takes to on-board patients by 90% in 90 days
Mentis Neuro Health used our digital business platform to digitize its onboarding process in just 90 days. The times it takes to offer treatment to new patients has fallen from three weeks to three days. As a result, patient numbers have grown by 21%. Discover more
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Bizagi quote
Customer Experience rules the globe in corporate boardrooms, but only a handful convert this strategy into real business operations."

Alberto Serfaty
Senior Manager, Performance Improvement, EY
More practical advice To learn more about digitizing customer engagement, take a look at the following resources.
AI, machine learning and the customer experience

Learn how applied cognitive intelligence can help you to transform your engagement strategy.
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Customer onboarding: why first impressions count

Discover three steps to first-class customer onboarding.
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Why digital business automation is vital to CX

See how today’s digital technology can help you better serve customers.
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From digital business platform to multi-channel CX

See Bizagi in action. This demo shows you how to build a loan application that works across channels.
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Case study: arming advisers with a 360-degree view

Learn how Old Mutual updated its service model with Bizagi. So, it focussed on customers not products.
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Three reasons CIOs struggle with transformation

Plenty of businesses want new services and user experiences. But how may understand what’s involved in building them?
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Start defining processes in Bizagi Modeler With powerful drag-and-drop design tools and cloud collaboration, Bizagi bridges the gap between business and IT. So, you can engage everyone in the process discussion from the start.
Bizagi Modeler – BPM
The most powerful and easy to use BPMN process modeler in the market. Get Bizagi Modeler Version 3.1 for free today. System requirements
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