Bizagi Launches Exciting Updates to Studio, Engine and Cloud PaaS
- Bizagi Studio and Bizagi Engine refreshed with the latest process capabilities

London, UK - 16th April, 2018 — Bizagi, a leading provider of digital process automation software that’s enabling the digital transformation goals of enterprises around the globe, today launched updates to its Studio, Engine and Cloud PaaS. The release comes following last week’s update to the company’s modeling software, Bizagi Modeler 3.2, seeing a full revamp to Bizagi’s Digital Business Platform.


Users can download the latest version today - Download Bizagi Studio 11.1.


The latest new features are all focused on giving end-users more control over their processes. This will give you greater control and efficiency when putting your workflows in place as well as the agile advantage to evolve them on the go.


Bizagi describes the new features by grouping them under three key areas:


  • Live Processes: Bizagi Digital Business platform offers you the possibility to create and manage non-complex processes directly in the Production Environment and through the end user's Work Portal. With Live processes, process owners can build and launch simple process applications created with no coding effort, and having the same features related to user interfaces (forms), durations, allocations, timeline, and all others, already given with Bizagi Studio.

  • Automatic Testing: A new Resource kit to test Bizagi processes automatically in development and testing environments. This benefits Bizagi Studio users by reducing the time and resources employed when manually validating that all paths in the process workflow behave as expected.

  • OData: Bizagi provides programmatic access to the underlying business information in your data model, by featuring a powerful API based on RESTful and OData services. This API allows you to work with your processes data from external applications, especially for the Experience design features for instance to start new relevant processes, execute searches and trigger actions, or to fetch pending cases in other portals or tools of your choice.
Sobre Bizagi

La plataforma líder en la industria de Bizagi para la automatización inteligente de procesos conecta personas, aplicaciones, robots e información. Como la solución más flexible y amigable para los negocios en el mercado, Bizagi permite una verdadera colaboración entre negocios y TI, brindando una adopción más rápida y éxito. Impulsado por una comunidad de 1 millón de usuarios, Bizagi impulsa a más de 1,000 organizaciones en todo el mundo, incluidas Adidas, BAE Systems y Old Mutual. Para más información visite www.bizagi.com

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