Bizagi Launches New Features in Modeler 3.2
- The launch of Bizagi Modeler 3.2 incorporates new features as requested by the Bizagi Community

London, UK - 6th April, 2018 — Bizagi, a leading provider of digital process automation software that’s enabling the digital transformation goals of enterprises around the globe, today launched Bizagi Modeler 3.2. It’s the latest release of Bizagi’s globally popular process modeling software which represents one part of Bizagi’s Digital Business Platform.


Users can download the latest version for free today - Download Bizagi Modeler 3.2.


This new release of the powerful and intuitive software brings a number of important capabilities that cement Bizagi's recognized leadership position in the digital process automation market. Importantly, many have been developed in close collaboration with its enterprise customers.


Bizagi describes the new features by grouping them under three key areas:

  • Support for Visio 2016: New support for importing and exporting external modelling diagrams
  • Create reusable sub-processes with lanes: Access pools added by default to sub-process canvasses
  • Merge Bizagi Modeler files: Import processes from other Modeler files merging into a single file.
  • RACI roles: Define new user roles within a task


For those customers with Enterprise Plan, they will also be able to take advantage of the following new features to stay competitive and focus on a collaborative way of working:

  • Value Chain Diagrams: Diagram your corporate value chain, analysing every step to create products/services and increase efficiency of the whole chain delivering competitive advantage
  • The Activity Stream: Keep track of all team member model changes in rich and meaningful ways
  • Advanced Search: Perform searches to find processes shared with you directly from ‘My Processes’


Sobre Bizagi

La plataforma líder en la industria de Bizagi para la automatización inteligente de procesos conecta personas, aplicaciones, robots e información. Como la solución más flexible y amigable para los negocios en el mercado, Bizagi permite una verdadera colaboración entre negocios y TI, brindando una adopción más rápida y éxito. Impulsado por una comunidad de 1 millón de usuarios, Bizagi impulsa a más de 1,000 organizaciones en todo el mundo, incluidas Adidas, BAE Systems y Old Mutual. Para más información visite www.bizagi.com

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