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Process Automation Platform as a Service

Bizagi Cloud is the easiest and most cost-effective way to accelerate your digital initiatives across the enterprise.

Pay only for what you use

Bizagi Cloud uses a disruptive usage-based model, enabling true agile experimentation
  • 100% cost control
  • 100% scalable to match demand
  • Minimize risk for clients
Optimized for the cloud

This platform built on Microsoft Azure leverages the best techniques for high performance cloud
  • Platform as a Service offering (PaaS)
  • Running on 30+ data centers globally
  • Business continuity with high uptime
  • Robust and elastic
Time to Digital

Bizagi Cloud enables organizations to immediately accelerate and scale digital transformation programs, getting to value faster
  • The fastest way to deliver results
  • Focus on innovation
  • Clients benefiting from Bizagi's expertise
Key Capabilities

  • Your own dedicated environment
  • Strict governance and security policies
  • Enterprise-grade data encryption
  • Portability between on-premise and cloud
  • 24/7 system monitoring
  • Redundancy to protect from failures
  • Unlimited users and applications
  • Traffic managers, CDN for global responsiveness
  • Powered by native Azure services
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