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December 2021

What is the best way to find Citizen Developers?

Join Sandy and Bizagi’s Gloria Diaz to find out ways to identify Citizen Developers internally and ow you find Citizen Developers in the line of business and in IT.

November 2021

What Makes a Good Citizen Developer?

Sandy is joined by Rachel Brennan, VP of Product Marketing at Bizagi to help level set what a Citizen Developer is

Agosto 2021

Resumen de mejores prácticas y consejos

Aprenda algunas de las mejores prácticas y consejos más relevantes y útiles de la Plataforma de Bizagi que le permitirán llevar sus proyectos al siguiente nivel.

October 2021

Exploring the Big Questions Around Citizen Development​

Join independent analyst and systems architect, Sandy Kemsley as she reveals everything you need to know about citizen developers.