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everything you need to master BPM with Bizagi and certify what you've learned.
Get the most out of our courses, on-demand videos, exams and visual examples
by selecting the learning journey that best suits your role or BPM competencies.
Process Analysts
Need to capture simple or complex business scenarios into logical process diagrams? Yes, that's the core of your day-to-day work,
but the real challenge is knowing how to engage business and IT. You want to encourage group discussions that really get people
thinking about the impact process improvement will have on your business.

Solve the mystery with Bizagi Modeler. Our platform delivers business & IT collaboration through clean yet comprehensive
process models that are easy to visualize, simple to understand, and quick to modify - all using the BPMN standard.
Process Automation Professionals
Ready to go beyond process modeling? Your organization probably deals with many process diagrams and documentation, but
it's time to bring these to life and turn them into running applications. So how can you do it fast and easily – without relying
heavily on the IT department?

Bizagi Studio provides all the necessary tools and guidance to create user friendly interfaces, handle flexible business rules,
optimize workloads and gain total process control.

BPM Developers
Need to link Bizagi applications to your existing IT assets? But wondering how to avoid developing multiple connections and unnecessary replication, while maintaining the integrity of your business data?

Learn how to seamlessly connect your processes to existing applications such as SAP, SharePoint, Outlook, or any existing
IT asset using our powerful integration layer. You can also extend and customize Bizagi's application features by developing
additional components.

BPM Administrators
Are you responsible for the performance of Bizagi applications delivered on the desktops and mobiles of your business users?

Bizagi Engine is capable of handling mission-critical, high performance BPM projects spanning thousands of users and
millions of cases. Easily monitor your applications, anticipate problems, diagnose issues and manage risk.
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