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Purchase request

This process handles the whole purchase process: purchase request, approval (approval limits), quotations, supplier selection, purchase order, invoice control.

Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable process covers the various tasks involved in the invoices reception, their validation and approval, reducing process time and avoiding incorrect information.

Vacation leave request

This process handles vacation leave requests and approvals for employees.

Travel request / Expense report

This process handles travel requests (flight, hotel, cash advance) and approvals for employees. At the conclusion of the travel the process also handles the expense report.

Personal Loans Request

This process covers the various tasks involved in the application/request for credit products, made by individuals through a bank or banking entity.

Help Desk

The Internal Help Desk process involves the main activities that must be carried out to solve cases related to the company´s technology.

Vehicle Insurance Policy Underwriting

This process handles the initial study of the vehicle, the generation of the insurance quotation, the study of the viability and risks, the inspection and, finally, the issue of the insurance policy itself.

Six sigma project management

This process helps to perform and manage Six Sigma projects that use DMAIC methodology. The process reduces the task assignment time and improves the manner in which information is collected and the project is presented.

Petitions, claims and complaints management

This process template will help you to manage Petitions, Claims, Complaints and Suggestions through the definition and control of the necessary activities to solve them.

Transactional process

The Transactional Process template has been modeled and automated using Bizagi´s transaction sub process. Transactional processes are used to coordinate multiple activities that need to be completed successfully, if this does not happen it is necessary to return to the initial state.

Nonconformity Management for ISO 9000

Failing to correct a nonconformity or the continued presence of one, results in costs associated to rework, replacement, lost customers, and even the loss of quality certification, to name a few. Companies can improve their efficiency with the nonconformity management process.

20-F SOX Management

Bizagi´s 20-F SOX Management template facilitates the preparation of the Form 20-F needed to comply with the Sarbanes Oxly Act. It covers the definition of tasks and responsibilities with the visibility, availability and traceability needed by auditors, ensuring transparency and control of activities.

Access Management ITIL based

This template is based on the principals of ITIL practices to help guarantee the availability of information to the users that really need it. This template includes the creation of requests for activating or deactivating permissions over applications, modules, folders or services, as well as managing approvals and permission updates.

Recruitment and Selection Process

This template covers all the different activities performed to find a person to fill a vacancy. Companies can reduce the time it takes to hire a new employee and control activities such as scheduling and collecting the result of tests, assigning interviews, updating the list of candidates, etc.

Change management ITIL based

Change Management is based on the principals of ITIL V3 to guarantee a proper implementation of technological changes. It allows a complete planning, risk and impact assessment, and an appropriate communication, implementation and documentation.


Onboarding process assists companies in the coordination of the activities required in the entry of new employees. It focuses on integrating new employees into the organization, preparing them to execute their functions properly and to quickly become productive members of the organization.

Sales Opportunity Management

Sales Opportunity Management template helps to follow and manage the necessary activities to convert business opportunities into closed deals. Timely respond to customer's questions, needs and requests from the first moment they demonstrate interest in your products or services.


Offboarding Process helps the Human Resources Area to execute all activities needed for the departure of an employee. It automatizes and reduces the performing time in actions such as stopping payroll, benefits and security access, and collecting the company's property.

Ad-Hoc Process

The Ad Hoc process template is a workflow pattern that allows handling unstructured processes rather than well predefined processes. With the Ad Hoc pattern you can create tasks at any time that can be allocated to anyone and can be performed in any order during the lifetime of a process.

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