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Bizagi Now Applies AI-Decisioning to Any Automated Process Making it Easy for Organizations to Turn Raw Data into Improved Outcomes

- New native AI/ML capabilities showcased at Bizagi Catalyst 19

MIAMI, Oct 16, 2019 – Bizagi today announced that organizations can quickly apply advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to improve customer experiences and outcomes with the latest release of the Bizagi process automation platform. The new out-of-box capabilities are being showcased at the Catalyst 19 event.

The new AI/ML capabilities allow organizations to easily analyze data and apply predictive analytics across business processes to improve decision making and customer experience – without the need for data science modeling. These behavioral insights and next-best actions allow business users to derive real-time benefit from raw big data, dramatically accelerating process outcomes and increasing accuracy of crucial customer interactions across sales, marketing, support and more.

“AI is central to intelligent process automation, but organizations need those AI/ML capabilities in the hands of the people that actually set and manage business processes,” said Bizagi CEO Gustavo Gomez. “Bizagi is focused on empowering organizations globally to quickly incorporate new AI/ML insights to unlock competitive advantage and improve customer experiences.”

With Bizagi’s new AI/ML capabilities, organizations can:

  • Easily apply predictive analytics to suggest next-best actions for improved process speed or experience

  • Accurately assess behavior, context and response to guide process outcomes

  • Quickly analyze extensive data sets to improve process accuracy

Bizagi’s AI/ML capabilities help organizations turn vast data collection into specific and immediate insight on the best action to take for everything from problem detection and resolution to product recommendation and customer response. The platform quickly crunches and learns from raw data to assess context, anticipate problems, identify opportunities and predict outcomes across virtually any organizational process. It can improve fraud detection or risk assessment accuracy, marketing campaign results and responsiveness, product/service recommendation value, call center engagement and efficiency, and more. By intelligently guiding these sales and service teams, allowing marketing to accurately assess and adjust to customer context and behavior, and helping IT to rapidly anticipate and resolve problems, Bizagi’s AI/ML improves customer engagement, experience, satisfaction and overall profitability.

Bizagi works like an intelligent information conveyor belt, allowing legacy systems to harness the efficiency of robotic processes and the context and intent of artificial intelligence to automate and digitize organizational workflow. Hundreds of global organizations such as DHL, Gap, Citizens Financial Group, Aon and numerous U.S. government agencies, including the Departments of Agriculture, Defense, Energy, HHS, Homeland Security and many others, are embracing the platform to drive digital transformation.

The Bizagi platform will be updated with the new AI/ML capabilities in November.

About Bizagi

Bizagi’s industry leading platform for intelligent process automation connects people, applications, robots and information. As the most business friendly and flexible solution on the market, Bizagi enables true collaboration between business and IT, delivering faster adoption and success. Fueled by a community of 1 million users, Bizagi powers over 1,000 organizations worldwide including adidas, BAE Systems and Old Mutual. For more information visit www.bizagi.com

Media contact:
Steve Smith
O: 253.444.5477
M: 425.753.1653

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