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Digital Process Automation with Bizagi

How to deliver deep and wide digital transformation

What is Digital Process Automation (DPA)?

DPA builds on traditional Business Process Management (BPM), which creates complex, long-running processes. As Forrester Research has highlighted, while BPM is a good “deep” approach to digital transformation and remains a vital foundation, DPA allows organizations to go “wide” with their business-driven applications and acts as a catalyst for change. Bizagi’s deep and wide capability is what sets Bizagi apart in delivering the greatest possible value for customers.

Real digital transformation demands a new level of operational sophistication:

  •   Processes can no longer live in monolithic systems and organizations can no longer run in silos.
  •   Digital Process Automation (DPA) helps businesses to transform end-to-end processes.
  •   DPA brings business and IT together through a single Digital Business Platform

How Bizagi can help

With Bizagi’s intuitive and powerful process modelling and process automation software, process becomes a common language across your organization. Our visual approach creates the ideal environment for IT and business users to collaborate on digital solutions that are quick to deliver whilst remaining secure and scalable.

Intuitive process modeling tools and free training materials

Powerful low-code application development

Enterprise scalability and security

Five Essential Capabilities of a Digital Business Platform


Supporting rapid adoption of technology across global business and the ability to scale up or down infinitely according to demand


Providing insights that inspire innovation in operating models for competitive advantage


Making data available to the right person at the right time to improve the customer experience


Integrating rigid systems and organizational silos to make the business more agile and efficient


Creating a space and a common language for business and IT to work together towards digital innovation

Ebook: What is a Digital Business Platform

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Why Digital Business Automation is vital to the Customer Experience

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