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Successful BPM projects

What our customers say:
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From business analysts and corporate CEOs to first-time process modelers and students, Bizagi Suite is fast becoming the BPM software of choice

Take a look at a small selection of our favorite quotes - and hear the benefits in our customers' words.

"When somebody wants to discuss any specific business operations with me, I say: 'make a Bizagi out of it.' Bizagi BPMS has become a standard term around the office!"
Michael Kahler
Business Process Analyst, Kyocera
"Clean and intuitive… Bizagi is the Apple of BPM software"
Head of BPM Practice,
"Bizagi BPMS' business entity virtualization helps us to deal with complex, relational data by treating it as if it were local. This significantly simplifies the work, promotes re-use and accelerates development."
Eduardo Gonzalez
Collaboration & Workflow IT Manager, adidas Group
"Data centric system is a foundation for good case management, and this is what Bizagi BPM software does well."
Martin Stepanek,
Consultant, Generali
"A BPM product that is aptly named: Business & Agility. The platform complies with BPMN and XPDL standards and publishes documentation in different formats. Prices are extremely attractive relative to the project ROI."
Lamine Ghemati
"Bizagi BPMS is how software products should be: easy to use. Congratulations."
Benjamin Antonio,
Director, Banca Mifel
"Bizagi Process Modeler is the best I have come across. It's free, easy to learn and comes with a great program of regular updates and enhancements. Thanks Bizagi."
Bruce Levitan,
Head of Business Improvement, Manchester Metropolitan University
"Avoiding traditional project stages (analysis, design, test, etc.) and utilizing agile methods with Bizagi BPMS has many advantages. Mission-critical projects are delivered in weeks rather than months. Process pieces are implemented quickly then improved if necessary."
Alberto Serfaty
Senior Manager Performance Improvement, EY
"By reusing 100% of our phase 1 legacy data integration as well as forms widgets and rules, we reduced development time by 50% at phase 2 with Bizagi BPMS."
Dr. Adnan Al-Tunisi, CIO,
Prince Sultan
Military Medical City
"Integration with existing systems was easy. We can analyze process routes to see the breaches between milestones, and visualize bottlenecks."
Sebastien Doido,
Senior Consultant
"Bizagi is the most user-friendly BPM suite that supports BPMN 2.0 all the way from modeling to execution. Bizagi's support team is highly engaged with users, involving them through feedback and providing top-notch customer support."
Roger A. Berkley,
Business Analyst
"Bizagi's Shared Data Model removes data from process discussions, significantly accelerating design time. Without this separate data layer capability, BPM systems simply can't cope with complex data structures."
Arturo Derteano Maraña
Partner, Financial Services, EY
"Bizagi's virtualization has delivered immediate performance and quality improvements without having to change the entire back-end. Without the shared data model, this approach would not be practical or cost effective."
Dr. Adnan Al-Tunisi, CIO,
Prince Sultan
Military Medical City
"Not only is Bizagi Modeler free and exceptionally functional, it's also very easy to use. The online resources and support is very good. What's more, the ability to share and reuse process models means we can extend our Bizagi system fast."
Justin Smart,
COO, Trilogy Funds
"We've experienced up to 50% improvement in process time and encountered nearly zero issues with deployment, stability, and scalability. Bizagi's level of expertise is outstanding and I'd rate the customer service as excellent."
Jan Marek,
Head of BPM,
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