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Largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe streamlines 5,000 purchase order changes per month
to improve operational efficiency by 60%.
About adidas
adidas is the iconic global
leader in the sporting goods industry with brands spanning footwear, apparel and accessories. Prior to 2011, adidas had no BPM-based process automation so most workflow related processes
were ad hoc and manually implemented with e-mails, spreadsheets and SharePoint.
Supply Chain Management project connected 500 adidas sales operations with over 400 factories, to streamline 5,000 purchase order changes per month and improved operational efficiency by 60% while Trade Vendor on-boarding time reduced by 50%. Eduardo Gonzalez, Collaboration & Workflow Manager, adidas Group
Best practice:
  • Select the BPM tool that meets your needs, rather than providing too many 'bells and whistles'
  • Enlist support to introduce BPM to the business and prepare for objections
  • Get the CIO on your side; focus on filling gaps rather than replacing systems
  • Alleviate the often invisible operational burdens to win fans fast
  • Encourage user adoption through early hands-on process modelling
  • Address several small/medium sized projects in parallel to increase visibility
  • Establish a cross functional team to share and reuse BPM assets
Start small, think big, scale fast was the underlying approach at adidas.

Bizagi was chosen to deliver automation and workflows across various departments including supply chain, marketing, finance, retail and eCommerce. The highly successful BPM initiative reduced the time to market by two thirds when compared with the traditional in-house development.
  • Glue process gaps across the corporation: ecommerce, operations, marketing, finance and retail
  • Address lengthy, untraceable factory on-off boarding processes
  • Eliminate manual and inefficient coordination of PO change discussions
  • Centralise and improve the quality of supplier data
  • Reduce endless email chains for resolving support requests
  • Shorten authorisation cycles for Sports Assets Contracts
  • Retain security over highly sensitive Contract information
  • 23 workflow projects in 2 years, 12 triggered and 9 live
  • New BPM cycles delivered in 2-4 months
  • Delivery of new approval workflows by assembling reusable assets – 3 days
  • Supply chain integration: 1 million emails eliminated per year; operational cost reduced by 60%
  • Factory on boarding time reduced by 50%
  • Sports asset contract approval cycle reduced from 1-2 months to just one week
  • "Dual Portal" integrates Bizagi with SharePoint, bringing together social and processes under collaborative BPM umbrella
  • All accomplished in 1/3 of the traditional development and delivery time

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