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Bizagi BPMS used by 5,500 users in 2,500 branches,
processing over 10,000 cases per day
About infoCaja
infoCaja delivers services to
five affiliated banks and is widely recognized as one of the major suppliers of shared services in Spain. Utilizing Bizagi, infoCaja became the first Spanish organization to automate the MiFID process, leading the evolution from technology- oriented supplier to a business-focused entity.
Facing the challenge of complying in under four months with the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) regulations, infoCaja’s affiliates were under pressure to deliver an operational transformation without adversely affecting profit.

Working with PwC, Bizagi automated the process in 4 months, 6 less than anticipated by the European Commission. Using Bizagi’s “Knowledge Module”, infoCaja was able to quickly adapt BPM processes to each banking affiliate; an innovation that enabled the organization to reduce the projected cost of complying with MiFID by 80%.

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