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End-to-end business platform optimizes supply chain, improving data quality and global visibility for 600 software builds per year
About Air France
Air France IT Operations Department is expected to deliver complex IT architectures involving many technical products. By identifying process gaps and 'gluing' them with Bizagi BPMS, the company has reduced multiple data entry, removed bottlenecks and slashed delivery time.
Bizagi's customer service is excellent. They provide detailed, to-the-point answers quickly, and their technical support staff is professional and knowledgeable. Sebastien Doido, Technical Leader
Best practice:
  • Start with a small process and implement it quickly to gain traction
  • Make a prototype so that users can grasp the benefits of BPM
  • Identify a process with many gaps or that is based on a number of different technologies
  • Involve all key stakeholders in the BPM technology selection
  • KPIs are crucial to continuous improvement, so define them carefully
  • Consider involving external BPM expert help in the process definition
The airline needed to improve data quality and remove process bottlenecks for complex IT architectures involving many technical products. By taking the ‘start small, think big, scale fast’ approach, Air France cut its internal “IT software environment provisioning cycle” time by 50%.

Disparate business applications sharing 7 processes now come together in a single user-friendly portal helping Air France take key steps to optimize its supply chain.
  • Improve delivery time and responsiveness in the development of complex IT architectures
  • Implement case management and gain global control of project statuses and changes
  • Enhance data quality & compliance by decreasing reliance on manual methods
  • Provide accurate, timely task status through central access to information
  • Develop a flexible BPM solution with the ability to fine-tune processes over time
  • Increase efficiency by reducing cycle time for IT provisioning
  • Eliminate user errors through the use of standardized names and rules
  • Delivery time for critical IT environment resources and provisioning – reduced by 50%
  • Naming conventions compliance – 100% achieved
  • Seamless integration with existing systems and applications
  • Instant, real time self-service status updates
  • First process & training delivered in 12 weeks
  • Roll-out of subsequent versions through flexible iterative approach – 2 weeks

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