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Generali effectively manages over 3,000 cases per month with Bizagi

Webinar: A look into Generali BPM journey into success | 22Sep 12:00 EST | An one hour session into Generali’s BPM medical risk evaluation project and the results achieved.

London, UK – September 15, 2015

From innovation and delivery to customer expectation and response – the need for speed in services has never been greater. What’s more, the connected world demands that businesses not only deliver fast but do so cost-effectively. The pressure’s on to be more scalable, more functional, more integrated, than ever.

How BPM effectively helped business achieve greater speed and efficiency?

The Free webinar, Generali Medical Risk Evaluation case study: Bizagi usage in Life Insurance, will provide the answer for the above question and explain Generali’s journey to BPM, in particular their medical risk evaluation project and the results achieved.

In the one hour session, Generali will take attendees on a journey into how BPM:

  • Effectively manages over 3,000 cases per month
  • Automated the most complex underwriting processes
  • Streamlined its medical evaluation policy lifecycle
  • Delivered a customized user experience

Jan Marek, Generali CZ, Head of BPM initiative, commented: “The area of risk analysis in life insurance is a complex process that requires constant interaction between underwriters and business networks. Our BPM platform helps us to continually improve this complex process and adapt it to changing market conditions.”

To register for this online event, click here.

Want to know more? Check out the Generali Case Study here.


About Bizagi

Bizagi offers an intuitive, yet flexible BPM platform that powers $10bn transactions for 500 enterprise customers worldwide. Bizagi disrupted the BPM market with its freemium model and an agile methodology that delivers the first process into production in just 7 weeks: a risk-free approach that explains Bizagi’s 100% project success rate. Bizagi is headquartered in the UK with offices in Europe, Latin America and the US, supported by a worldwide partner network.

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