Delivering results across energy and utilities

250% increase in near-miss events rectified

50% reduction in time to complete forms-based sales processes

2x faster process implementation

400+ processes deployed over 2 years across 150 countries

Automation in energy and utilities

Sourcing and Procurement

Evaluate suppliers and raw materials against your requirements in a single platform to optimize the sourcing and procurement process.

ESG Management

Utilize data to measure and report on ESG initiatives and demonstrate value to stakeholders.

Health and Safety

Connect data, devices and people to ensure employee safety and protect brand reputation.

Transform the way you work

Speed up customer service

Track and report on ESG initiatives

Integrate legacy systems with new technologies

Automate complex rules to ensure governance and compliance

In Bizagi, Abengoa found a modern and robust automation tool capable of supporting its sophisticated process-oriented structure and providing the necessary adaptability in changing market conditions."


Guia estratégico para a automatização da cadeia de fornecimento para fabrico e retalho

Obtenha informações sobre como otimizar as operações e melhorar a experiência e a rentabilidade do cliente.

Como funciona

Plataforma low-code
Orquestração empresarial
Pague apenas pelo que precisa

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