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Bizagi Widgets Xchange - User Interface Widgets

Extend the reach of your BPMS

Ever wished you could quickly add functions such as pie charts and maps to your process apps? With Bizagi Widget Xchange, now you can. Bizagi Widgets are small but very powerful ‘Lego blocks’ that enable you to quickly build visually attractive and highly useful functions into your Bizagi user interface. Watch the video
What are the key benefits?
  • Standards-based extension to Bizagi’s Forms Designer
  • 100% compatible with future versions of Bizagi Studio
  • Optimal display on any device (mobile, iPad, smartphone)
  • Available for download from Bizagi Widget Xchange
Create a widget Using our SaaS development toolkit. Take a look at the Bizagi Widget Editor.
Help Need help creating, installing and using widgets? Check our user guide.
Browse our selection of great widgets

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