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Bizagi Meetups

Meet and share ideas with process and transformation professionals in your area

Bringing the global Bizagi community together to discuss digital transformation, process modelling and process automation. We explore stories, strategies and best practices of successful change programs.
Who is it for? We run events for a number of different roles, topics and industries within the Bizagi community. See the upcoming events list below and keep an eye out for our regular updates.
What is the agenda? We create a bespoke agenda for every event, often including a chance to hear from several successful process pioneers, business transformation leaders and industry analysts.
Event Schedule
Upcoming events
15 February 2018 Interface AG, Munich DSGVO as a Service. Is that possible? Register now
27 February 2018 Chicago Bizagi Executive Dinner Register now
20 March 2018 De Haaien zaal van Blijdorp Dierentuin te Rotterdam Benelux Meet Up van 2018 Register now
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