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Connector Xchange

Powerful extensibility for B2B integration requirements

Connect your Bizagi processes to any system or application with specialized connectors. Go beyond the integration features provided out-of-the-box, by plugging in ready-to-use connectors or by creating your own ones. Creating new connectors is made easy with the Bizagi Connector Editor, a browser-accessible SDK walking you through the building steps. Check our User guide to create, install and use Connectors Bizagi Connector Xchange User Guide
Connectors are:
  • Portable (platform-independent) and highly scalable by relying on Node.js.
  • Completely reusable and easy to configure, by making the most of Bizagi graphical mapping features for inputs and outputs.
  • Enhanced with built-in tracing to speed up any troubleshooting.
  • Multi-versioned, while allowing you to run these versions simultaneously.
Create a connector Use the friendly and online SDK. Take a look at the Bizagi Connector Editor.
Browse our selection of great connectors

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