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Russian professional services provider improves the customer experience,
responding 30% more quickly and qualifying orders 20% faster
About Geometry
Geometry was established in 2008 to deliver a wide range of engineering surveys in a highly competitive market. Today, it is a nimble and fast growing company, specializing in a wide range of construction projects from roads and pipelines to property and IT.
Thanks to Bizagi BPMS, we achieved ROI in just 60 days – from project inception to commercial operation. Alexei Turchkov, CEO, Geometry
Best practice:
  • Engage stakeholders with a relevant process to maintain their interest
  • Appoint a BPM project champion to own the goals and metrics
  • Consider hiring a dedicated and local project manager with specific experience of business process management implementations
  • Demonstrate results quickly to convey the potential of BPMS
  • Recognize that BPM is a long-term journey requiring commitment to get optimal results
Geometry's owners sought BPMS to eliminate data silos and manual methods which were distracting sales and tech staff from value adding tasks.

Unified data, slick workflow and code-free modelling helped Geometry accelerate its sales process, increase collaboration and improve resource allocation.
  • Streamline labor-intensive interactions between technical and sales teams
  • Automate key sales processes to gain greater insight and control over costs
  • Centralize information to increase consistency and decrease bottlenecks in the Quote process
  • Accelerate the speed at which contracts were negotiated and concluded
  • Implement company-wide acceptance of BPM software and empower staff
  • Implement initial processes quickly – weeks, not months
  • Customer response times: 30% improvement
  • Experts' skill (measured by the reduced number of repeat calls to clients) – up by 20%
  • Hands-off time between sales and technical departments – down by 30%
  • Request to Quotation cycle time (through automation) – down by 40%
  • Reduction in % of errors achieved by replacing manual with automated systems – 60%
  • Pilot projects rolled out in 60 days (12 weeks)
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