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BNP Paribas cut its report production processes
from 4 days to just 2 hours
Bizagi BPMS automates 9 key processes for private French bank,
condensing contract management cycle by over one third.
About BNP Paribas
Before 2013, insurance policy request processes and contract management at BNP Paribas Chile were handled through Word & Excel templates and emails. Bizagi BPM software was chosen to streamline 9 key processes, covering the entire spectrum of insurance-related processes including documentation, validation and requests.
The enterprise-wide initiative at BNP Paribas in Chile – implemented entirely in a java environment – has delivered on all counts.

Complex processes have made way for slick automation, delivering speed, scale and complete traceability – as well as paving the way for business process improvement both inside and outside the bank.
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