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Release notes Bizagi Studio

Version Release date:October 1, 2018 Check latest updates
New features
Check-out and force check-in for Business rules
Check-in and check-out functionality to avoid overwriting work done when in collaborative projects.
Package visualizer
A new tool for visualizing a deployment package content before effectively importing or exporting it.
Enable Display Options in Authorization node
A new menu has been created in Bizagi Studio security to enable administrative users to control the access to the new Work Portal Display Options.
Show related processes of application entities from expert view
This option displays a Pop-up window to view all the related processes of the selected application entity.
Use Business Keys instead of Surrogate keys
Enable the inclusion of Business Keys when building expressions (Expression editor or Boolean expressions) to avoid problems when deploying to test or production environments. Instead of hardcoding surrogate key values which might change in time, a Value Picker was added to choose between existing records of parameter entities for this purpose.
Windows Authentication for SQL Server Credentials
Use your Windows credentials when configuring your project’s database.
Change Default IIS Website
When creating a project, you can now select which of your IIS web sites to use.
"My last Process Chosen" in Studio
Bizagi allows users to view the last process they have worked on opened every time they enter the Wizard View. Additionally, if users click on the search control they will see the last ten chosen processes listed by date of use.
Data Viewer in expression rules
The Data Model Viewer in the expression editor was improved. It now features a visual interface to review the XPath that was selected, perform filters or change the XPath syntax (traditional, quotes or none). Now you can navigate the whole Data Model instead of having as the top node of the tree the process entity from which the Expression editor was launched.
Live process performers
Assign a live process tasks to the Case creator, Process owner or Current assignee boss.
Improved Sub-Process Wizard
The Sub-Process Wizard was improved, you can configure a Sub-Process either Embeded or Reusable and it can be set as Transactional or Multiple correspondingly. Now you can visualize all the Sub-Process status configuration through a Status Bar. You can now create new processes directly from the wizard (except for the Multiple Sub-Process configuration) and define any of them as Sub-Process.
Performance has been improved in Projects, expressions and forms loading.
Bizagi Diagnostics Viewer now supports IIS 10 and the Collector (which allows to store logs) was updated.
  • Virtualized and replicated entities are no longer encrypted.
  • Validation messages for user properties have been fixed.

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