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The Digital Business Platform
for Insurance

Ignite your digital transformation strategy with Bizagi’s Digital Business Platform

Orchestrate, connect and transform your company’s operations. With Bizagi, create an agile process layer to wrap your legacy systems and provide a seamless digital experience to your customers.

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Our customers
Generali Group

The leading insurance provider in Central and Eastern Europe was looking to digitise their quoting business by automating the underwriting process. This had the added complexity of needing to streamline across multiple countries and languages. As a result quote preparation time reduced by 60% and a 50% savings on IT costs.
Prose Chile

An association that consists of 11 main insurance companies in Chile. The project goal was to optimise and streamline tasks related to vehicle-theft claims and recovery. By creating a centralized repository and integrating to the Civil Registry, Prose -Chile can now search, discover and recover vehicles more effectively than before. This has led to a 17% increase in vehicle recovery rates.
Insurance imperatives
Omni Channel

There is increased pressure as customers demand higher levels of convenience, immediacy and personalisation. Insurance companies that provide connected, responsive and contextual experiences will achieve the ultimate goal, happy and loyal customers.
Core Insurance Processes

Looking at processes end-to-end, such as claims processing, creating a highly digitised and automated operation will support strategies for new product development and innovate existing services, while meeting the security, privacy, and transparency expectations of customers, regulators, and shareholders. Utilise Bizagi cloud to quickly test and implement processes to aid rapid adoption.
Agent Productivity

Employees define your customer’s experience. Providing a rich set of data-driven processes to enable a single view of the customer ensures they are empowered to delight customers with every interaction.
Regulatory Compliance

Compliance is ever evolving and increasingly complex. Invest in connecting legacy IT systems by wrapping them in an agile process layer to provide operational productivity, agility and control. Giving an audit trail to help meet compliance commitments.
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