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Digital Transformation:
Make your Breakthrough

79% of digital leaders say they have two years or less to make meaningful breakthroughs in business transformation. We are here to help you cut the time it takes to digitize. Find your area of focus below. And discover how to make real change – fast.
Make your breakthrough in Customer
In a digital age, context is key. You need the technology and business solutions to make the right offers at the right time. So, you can perfect the moments that define the customer experience.
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How Old Mutual gave customers a faster, more personalized service.

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Make your breakthrough in Digital
New players are springing up in every sector. Free from legacy IT, they’re using disruptive technology to get an edge through new business models. To keep pace, you need to wrap your systems in an agile layer.
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How adidas made its work flow from supply chain to customer.

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Make your breakthrough in Governance
& Compliance
Our research shows people see a tension between regulatory compliance and innovation. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Not if you design compliance into your operating models.
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How Audi Japan streamlined budget requests and more .

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How can Bizagi help you transform? See how our agile process platform connects people, applications, devices and information, so you can provide the engaging experience that digital customers demand.
What’s your biggest challenge? Practical ways to solve the most common digital challenges.
Want to offer customers more relevant products?

To get real-time intelligence, you need complete control of your data. So, you can give the personalized touch.
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Struggling with silos?

Real business impact comes from parts of a business working as one. The right digital tool will help people collaborate across your organization.
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Are you struggling to deliver compliance?

Define the processes you need to map your digital operations against regulatory requirements.
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Is customer data hidden in legacy systems?

Your data doesn’t have to be in one place, as long as you can see it in one place. Free the value locked in your IT with an agile process automation layer.
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Want to make it easier for IT and the business to work together?

A clear, shared view of processes helps people across the business collaborate and innovate.
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Is complexity clouding your view of data?

With an agile process layer, you can connect your systems and information. Then, you can surface data wherever you need it.
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Digital transformation success stories Organizations that have used Bizagi to make a breakthrough.
How Mentis Neuro Health cut the time it takes to on-board patients by 90% in 90 days
Mentis Neuro Health used our digital business platform to digitize its onboarding process in just 90 days. The times it takes to offer treatment to new patients has fallen from three weeks to three days. As a result, patient numbers have grown by 21%. Learn more

How AgFirst created multiple agile business processes.

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How Generali automated its most complex processes.

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How infoCaja hit regulatory targets 6 months faster than expected.

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We help organizations to transform into digital businesses
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