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Bizagi Overview

The Power of The Process Automation Platform

Technology has changed everything

The customer experience has changed, expectations have changed, and every industry has been affected. Responding to all this change is the most difficult challenge your business faces today. It demands brand new organizational capabilities.
But rigidity prevents progress

Organizations are not built to change quickly. Alongside culture, the biggest limitation is legacy systems. You can’t throw them away, and you can’t replace or update them because it would take too long and cost too much. Fortunately, there is a third way…
Introducing an information conveyer belt

Bizagi creates an agile orchestration layer that wraps around your existing systems. Automated processes create information conveyer belts that can be easily optimized and reconfigured. In addition, with Bizagi you can start small, and you only pay for what you use.
Business processes have changed

Because of the way technology has changed the customer experience, business processes can no longer live within a single isolated system such as an ERP or a CRM. They must dynamically orchestrate people, context, applications and devices on a global scale. Customers expect to deal with you, your partners and suppliers in many different channels. You need to make it a seamless experience.
Bizagi as your global orchestrator

The new distributed nature of business processes creates a huge challenge for organizations, because their systems were simply not designed to do this. But by designing and automating end-to-end processes in Bizagi, and integrating complimentary technologies such as Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence, you can orchestrate the new way your business needs to work.
Learning to leverage customer context

Without the mobile phone, and the locational context information it provides, Uber simply would not exist. There are many other types of context you can leverage to create new customer experiences, such as using a person’s age, recent purchases, relationship status and more. Bizagi enables you to leverage the information you already have by making it available in the moments that matter.

With Bizagi your business can be more

Bizagi is Agile
Bizagi helps you to break away from the rigidity of legacy systems by wrapping them with an agile process layer, allowing you automate processes that read and write data in your existing systems.
  • 100% Model-driven
  • Enabling IT-business collaboration
  • Build once run on any device
Bizagi is Connected
Bizagi acts as a global orchestrator, supporting the new nature of business processes that now interact with systems, people, bots and partners across continents and time zones.
  • Extensive range of out-of-the-box connectors
  • Connectivity with all world-class ERPs, CRMs, ECMs and more
  • Multi-lingual and time-zone intelligent
Bizagi is Engaging
Bizagi enables you to present contextual information to customers and employees. Through this you can improve the customer experience and increase your cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.
  • Intelligent business rules engine
  • Device specific mobile apps
  • Built-in analytics for business insights
Customer Success Stories
Agile - Tatweer
Tatweer Petroleum digitized 50 processes in just one year, connecting over 1500 oil wells and over 1000 workers to automate essential planning, construction & maintenance operations.
Engaging - Old Mutual
Old Mutual streamlined customer engagement processes, presenting both customers and knowledge workers with contextualized information across multiple channels over a wide-range of services.
Connected - adidas
Adidas connected 500 sales operations, 400 factories and multiple SAP and supplier systems to streamline over 5,000 purchase order changes per month, resulting in operational cost savings of 60%.
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