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Our Approach to Process Automation

What it’s like to work with Bizagi

Right from the platform we have created, to our pricing and the services we offer, Bizagi’s whole approach is designed for customer success and delivering meaningful results from digital transformation initiatives. Based on this, Bizagi has been repeatedly recognized as having among the highest customer satisfaction ratings in our market.
What makes Bizagi Different?
Our Business Model
With our performance-based pricing, you completely remove the risk of paying for software that you don’t use.
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Our Spark Methodology
Our platform drives business-IT collaboration and our methodology ensures rapid results and governance.
Bizagi Spark
Our Expert People
Our customers are our business, and they regularly tell us that our people are the best in the business.
What do we stand for?
The Bizagi Manifesto

Bizagi stands for business agility

For process automation
not just building “apps”
For improving the way your business works
not automating a bad process
For partnering with you on your journey
not just making a quick buck
For enabling you to control your destiny
not leaving you dependent on us
For ubiquitous technology integrations
not forcing you to use our favorites
For software that is powerful AND intuitive
not using sophistication as an excuse
For better business & IT collaboration
not silos or shadow IT
For agile working and iteration
not spinning for years to build perfection
For charging only for what you use
not selling licenses you do not need
For leveraging your existing systems
not insisting on ripping them out
For relentless platform innovation
not assuming our product is fine as it is
We transform organizations through intelligent process automation
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