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German bank triggered 4,000 cases in 6 months, halving the time it takes for approval of processes, including loans and pricing, to be completed.
About WL Bank
WL Bank is a German bank that acts deals with real estate financing and public clients within the cooperative FinanzGruppe Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken. WL Bank serves a client base for local cooperative banks, investors, municipalities and municipal companies.
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I liked Bizagi very much. When you have several important people who have to approve something, it’s really helpful to let them decide when they would like to react on that and to have a transparent view of what's going on. Bizagi lets us do that securely. Daniel Wohlfarth, Head of Software Development, WL Bank.
WL Bank’s processes were heavily reliant on paper, with the process of obtaining signatures for approval of loans and pricing proving particularly cumbersome due to the lack of visibility as it was impossible to know when someone had provided a signature until they manually submitted the document.

The signing process was digitized so that board members don’t have to wait for each other to sign the document individually – they can do it anywhere, from any device, all at the same time. It provided the business with a centralized overview of feedback and the current status of the approval workflow.
  • Digitize the paper-based approval processes
  • Integrate with WL Bank’s CRM
  • Speed up the approval process to win more business
  • Ensure compliance with German law
  • Sped up approval process by at least 50%
  • 4,000 cases triggered in 6 months with around 100 users
  • Created a digitized system with user passwords and a re-authentication system to ensure compliance and security
  • Won more business as a result of faster approval process

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