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Bizagi named 'Highest Ranked BPM Product' by Europe’s most prestigious software engineering institute

Fraunhofer puts Bizagi on top of IBM, Oracle & Appian in its 2014 BPM suite analysis

London, UK – December 8th, 2014

Bizagi named 'Best BPM Product' by Europe’s most prestigious software engineering institute

A total score of 70.3% has seen Bizagi BPMS top an independent study of BPM platforms for the second consecutive year, Bizagi announced last night.

The Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering (IESE) in Kaiserslautern (Germany), an institute from Europe's largest and most respected research organization, reviewed 18 BPM systems and rated Bizagi as the top performer in a very strong field which included IBM, Oracle and Appian.

The report, BPM Suites 2014, reveals that Bizagi excelled in many areas including process modeling (80.9%), model export (100%), user comfort (78%) and integration (85.4%).

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The simplicity of the Bizagi platform particularly caught the eye of the assessors. Dr Sebastian Adam, Leader of Requirement Engineering & Head of Business Process Management Study at Fraunhofer IESE commented:

"The way people can build a process application in Bizagi is very impressive. It is much easier than with most other platforms."

The rigorous assessment process comprised a one-day workshop during which suppliers were required to present their tool and walk through a range of simple and complex scenarios.

Fraunhofer IESE’s evaluation categories are wide-ranging, covering everything from process modeling and execution to systems integration and implementation.

"To be so highly recognized in the Fraunhofer research is a significant moment for Bizagi," says CEO Gustavo Gomez. "Our Top Product rating confirms our ability to deliver enterprise-level deployments at the highest level. Its rigor makes the Fraunhofer study a highly valuable tool for anyone facing the decision of which BPM platform to buy."

About Fraunhofer

The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft undertakes applied research of direct utility to private and public enterprise and of wide benefit to society. With a workforce of over 23,000, the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft is Europe’s biggest organization for applied research, and currently operates a total of 67 institutes and research units. The organization’s core task is to carry out research of practical utility in close cooperation with its customers from industry and the public sector. In this way the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft shapes the innovation process in Germany and drives forward the development of key technologies.

About Bizagi

Bizagi (which stands for business agility) is a privately-owned company run by software entrepreneurs who are experts in Business Process Management (BPM). Over 350 global customers have selected Bizagi to model and automate their business processes which results in improved operational efficiencies, shorter time to market and business agility. Our enterprise customers gain significant competitive advantage by using Bizagi’s software to streamline mission-critical processes (cross-functional, complex and international) as well as mundane daily routines. With global headquarters in the UK, offices in Europe, USA and Latin America, Bizagi is supported by a strong implementation partner network worldwide. For more information, please visit www.bizagi.com.

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