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Customer Case Study Webinar: Boost your SharePoint with Bizagi Web Parts

Discover how an iconic sports retailer was able to make the leap from functional workflows to corporate BPMS by deploying a "dual portal" architecture

London, UK – October 7th, 2014

Customer Case Study Webinar: Boost your SharePoint with Bizagi Web Parts

Enhance your SharePoint with the best BPM capabilities

Thursday, October 23rd, 2014 15:00 - 16:00 BST

Want to accelerate your existing electronic processes? Close the process gaps between departments? Want to do it from SharePoint – but without the cost or complexity?

Then sign up for our webinar to discover how an iconic sports retailer successfully aligned its corporate processes with the popular social collaboration portal.

In this one-hour interactive session, Sathish Kumar Ramadoss from implementation experts Infosys, will explain how a “new wave” of model-driven, low-code platforms means business users need never be out of touch with critical corporate information.

Drawing on extensive knowledge gained from his recent implementation with the sports retailer, Ramadoss will explain how SharePoint/BPM integration glued process gaps across ecommerce, operations, marketing, finance and retail: an initiative that helped streamline 5,000 purchase order changes per month and improve operational efficiency by 60%.

Learn for yourself how BPM + SharePoint can increase ROI by enabling business users to:

  • Action core tasks from the corporate environment
  • Create complex and dynamic workflows
  • Easily manage changes and exceptions to the process flow
  • Streamline existing content management distribution
  • Leverage the power of social technology

SIGN UP NOW: Enhance your SharePoint with the best BPM capabilities

About the webinar:

  • Listen and learn during the live session, or request a recording to view on-demand at a later date.
  • We gently remind you to pay attention to your current local time. This webinar will take place in BST.


About Bizagi

Bizagi (which stands for business agility) is a privately-owned company run by software entrepreneurs who are experts in Business Process Management (BPM). Over 350 global customers have selected Bizagi to model and automate their business processes which results in improved operational efficiencies, shorter time to market and business agility. Our enterprise customers gain significant competitive advantage by using Bizagi’s software to streamline mission-critical processes (cross-functional, complex and international) as well as mundane daily routines. With global headquarters in the UK, offices in Europe, USA and Latin America, Bizagi is supported by a strong implementation partner network worldwide. For more information, please visit www.bizagi.com.

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