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London, UK [ December 19, 2011 ]

Bizagi wins 2 Gold Awards for excellence in BPM

The Workflow Management Coalition (WfMC), BPM.com and Future Strategies Inc. announced today the winners of the 2011 Excellence Awards in BPM and Workflow. These prestigious awards recognize user organizations that have excelled in implementing innovative business process solutions to meet strategic business objectives.

Bizagi was recognized with 2 Gold Awards in the Middle East-Africa Region and the Pacific Rim Region.

The winner cases were:

* Riyadh Military Hospital (Middle East-Africa Region): Development of a collaborative and process-oriented BPM system (eMedServe) built on Bizagi BPM Suite, to handle case management and automate all the clinical and administrative processes and activities. The project covers the complete life-cycle of the patient, from registration, triage, to diagnose and treatment and is used by approximately 400 users serving more than 2.000 patients per day.

* Audi Japan (Pacific Rim Region): Automation of processes within the Finance & Administrative Division. Main processes include: Purchase order creation and approval, overseas trip approval, domestic trip approval, personnel change approval, accounts payable and budget control administration. These processes cover requests from 20+ departments and divisions within the organization; some of them require the approval from the Financial Director or even the President of the company.

We congratulate the winner organizations and invite you to also obtain fast results with Bizagi.

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