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Bizagi BPM Suite JEE

Version 10.4

Release Date: April 22nd, 2014

New Features

New BAM and Analytics Reports for iPad
BAM and Analytics Reports have been enhanced and offer a new design to provide the best user experience for Managers to monitor their business operation in real time from their iPad and desktops.
New Record view control
A new control has been created to navigate collections without using a Table; displaying all the content of each record in a form and not in columns. Records can be navigated using arrows: first, last, previous, next.
The control has the same behavior as the Table: records can be added or edited inline or with a form, validations are supported, and records can be deleted.
– Click here for more information.
Check-in / Check-out functionality in Forms
In addition to existing check-in/check-out functionality, this version introduces full check-in/check-out for Forms (user interface). This is very important for implementation teams. A user can now reserve a Form (check-out) to make sure no other members of the team are making changes at the same time. Once work is ready the Form can be released (checked-in). If someone else tries to open a reserved form, it will displayed as read-only.
– Click here for more information.
Validation rules and Actions on the deletion of the record of a table
From this version a Validation rule can be configured to be executed when an end user deletes the record of a table. If an error message (throw validation error) is displayed, the record cannot be deleted.
– Click here for more information.
Additionally a new Action has been created in the Actions & Validations menu, to allow configuring an action when a record of a table is deleted: has a row deleted. The action relates to the entire table, so all controls of the form can be included within the conditions.
Once the deletion of the record is performed, the actions configured are executed.
– Click here for more information.
JBoss 6.2 Enterprise Application Platform is now supported
Processes in the JEE edition are now executed in JBoss 6.2 Enterprise Application Platform directly from Bizagi Studio.
Bizagi bundles and supports this newest release of JBoss, which is an enterprise class Application Platform, having enhanced performance, being more powerful and robust at the same time than a previous JBoss 7.1.1 AS.
Internet Explorer 11 support
Bizagi Work portal supported in Internet Explorer 11.
New Library Rules access from Expressions
A new button has been included to access Library rules (user defined functions) from the Expressions editor. This button displays all functions created and helps identifying the required input parameters and the output.
Math functions API
Nineteen new functions have been included as Math API:
CHelper.Math.Abs, CHelper.Math.Average, CHelper.Math.Ceiling, CHelper.Math.Exp, CHelper.Math.Floor, CHelper.Math.IsNaN, CHelper.Math.Ln, CHelper.Math.Log10, CHelper.Math.Max, CHelper.Math.Min, CHelper.Math.Module, CHelper.Math.Percentage, CHelper.Math.Pow, CHelper.Math.Quotient, CHelper.Math.Rand, CHelper.Math.Round, CHelper.Math.Sqrt, CHelper.Math.Truncate
– Click here for more information.
Collection API
A new set of functions is available to easily manipulate collections in Expressions:
  • Create new records
  • Remove one, some or all records from a collection
  • Delete one, some or all records of a collection
  • Attach records from one collection to another one
The API deprecates the functions addRelation and DeleteRelation.
– Click here for more information.
Support for Czech
Resources localization for Czech (cs-cz). All Work portal texts can now be displayed in Czech without the need of manual translation.


Run Bizagi Studio with minimum privileges
Bizagi Studio can now be used without Administrator privileges. The following actions will remain restricted for a user with Administrator privileges: creating a project, updating a project, deleting a project, change server information, deployment.
Tables can now be grouped
The records of a table can be displayed by groups. A grouping criteria is defined (a column of the table) and the existing records will be displayed as groups according to the selected criteria.
– Click here for more information.
Improvements in Mobiles’ Log-in
Several improvements in the log-in of mobile devices were made:
  • You do not need to enter the domain: If there is a single domain, it is taken automatically. If there is more than one domain the device displays a message for the user to select the desired one.
  • History of last accesses is displayed for quick connection to various projects.
Note: Android’s operating system allows displaying only three domains.
Enhanced Portal integration
Enhanced out-of-the-box web part to embed Bizagi’s Inbox in any portal using Windows Authentication. The web part includes the possibility to work in pending tasks and to create new cases.
– Click here for more information.
Task completion message
A new property is available on the Process’ properties for User tasks. When a message is defined it will be displayed to the end user as soon as a Task is completed and he/she has no more pending activities on the case. If no message is defined, the Process will show the Global Form.
Order tables in Document templates
New function that allows sorting a collection by one of its attributes, for the tables that are included Document Templates. Sorting can be ascending or descending.
– Click here for more information.
Work portal improved performance when loading
Bizagi now relies on certain IIS features to enhance Work portal throughput and performance. Such features are oriented to optimization of resources. Make sure you have the HTTP compression of static and dynamic contents enabled in the IIS to benefit from this improvement.
Suggest control’s performance has been improved
The execution of the control has been changed to improve the performance.
New property for Suggest control: Additional attribute
Suggest control has a new property called Additional attribute. This additional attribute helps end users to find records by searching two attributes instead of only one. The additional attribute can belong to the same entity or to a related entity (one reference away).
– Click here for more information.
Sort by property for Suggest control
Suggest control now has the possibility to be ordered by any attribute of its related entity, with the new Sort by property.
– Click here for more information.
Sort by property for Search control
Up to now, the results of a Search control were ordered by default with no option for customization. Now, the Search control’s results can be sorted, ascending or descending, by defining a Sort by attribute in the Search Form.
– Click here for more information.
Process Model can now be accessed from the Process Wizard’s drop down menu
In previous versions, to be able to open a Process Model from the Wizard had to be done directly from the Carrousel by clicking the Edit process option. Now, the Process Model can be accessed from any of the views of the Process Wizard (Forms designer, Performers, Expressions, Actions and Integration).
Sub-processes inherit the Parent’s case number by default.
When a sub-process is created, it inherits its parent’s case number by default. This applies to all sub-processes.
Table header’s format
Table’s format tab has a new property: Header format. With this property the header’s can now be customized, to change font’s size, and set it bold, italic, underlined, strikethrough and change its color and background color.
Minimum 300 MB available to create a project
When a project is created, there must be at least 300 MB of disk space available. If the required space is not available an error message is displayed and the project is not created.
Functions added to intellisense and Functions editor
The following functions have been added to intellisense (Autocomplete) and Functions editor:
Me.EntryDate, Me.Id, Me.Task, Me.Case.ParentProcessCaseNumber, Me.Case.ProcessDefinition, Me.Case.SolutionDate, Me.Task.Id, Me.Task.Name, Me.Task.DisplayName, Me.Task.EstimatedDuration
Form buttons on the bottom of the screen for mobile devices
In previous versions of Bizagi, Form buttons (next, save and customized) were found on the upper right corner of each activity. Form this version, activities in mobile devices have the Form buttons on the bottom of the screen, just like the desktop version.
Project name included in Event Viewer
When having multiple projects on the same machine the Project name is now written on the Event Viewer every time there is a new event, for the administrator to know the origin of the message. Applies for .NET edition.
Visual and Advanced mapping supported in Interface’s wizard
Interface’s mapping wizard now supports Visual mapping and Advanced mapping, using XSLT transformation, for both SOAP and REST services.

Bugs Fixed

When a template was imported, the Modules view was not refreshed.
In previous versions when changes were made from the Management console, they were not immediately reflected in the Work Portal. From this version, all changes will perform an automatic cache clean to reflect changes as soon as they are made.
Mobile devices presented the user interface according to the version installed on the mobile, regardless of the server version. This created compatibility problems. Now mobile devices present information according to the server version.
Copy From functionality corrections. Controls were copied with the same identifier creating data problems.
The procedure of processing HTML templates is amended to dramatically improve the load time of the application, especially in Internet Explorer.
From this version if a user does has no access to any Report, the full menu is hidden.
An unhandled error was displayed when launching the application, in Development environment, when performing changes in rules or entities.
Sometimes document templates were not displayed in Chrome.
Under certain circumstances, multiple records of the same task where displayed in cases queries.
An unhandled error was displayed in Case queries when the project had more than one application and customized columns.
Sometimes changes in the Work Portal performed in Edit form in tables within tables were not saved.
Colors configured for controls in Internet Explorer 8 were not deployed correctly.
Unhandled error was displayed when the user authentication failed.
The replication process that replicates all entities (Replicate All) failed if there were combined providers: Oracle and SQL Server.
A call to the GetActivityForm method failed if a text- extended type attribute was included.
In some cases, the invoking interfaces within grids failed.
Under certain circumstances, users duplicated, after synchronization with LDAP.
Query results could show duplicate results if there was customized columns.
Some system configurations in replications prevented data from being synchronized.
Case comments were not displayed in the Work Portal.
Exporting to Excel did not keep the cell’s format.
When a combo was displayed near the lower part of the screen, it was not possible to select some of its values.
An unhandled error was displayed when trying to export process diagrams to Word.
It was not possible to enter Sub-processes from the Left panel in the Work Portal, when the sub-processes had the same case number as the parent process.
Some errors were displayed when using Entity Manager in virtualized entities.
Some cases were displayed to all end users, even to the ones without Access permissions, even though the process was defined with Private security.
Sometimes nested forms were duplicated after a Submit On Change.
An error was displayed preventing the generation of a new version of a process, with some special configuration of interfaces.
Letters were not generated configured in not migrated forms.
When customized columns were defined and then the default configuration is returned, cases were not found in searches.
Float-type attributes were not correctly formatted when they were obtained through the SOA layer.
Unwanted effects were produced when manipulating data including the ampersand character.
An error was displayed when extracting data for an interface that included files within tables.
Sometimes values selected in combos were not saved.
In a date-time control with default value configured, time was always displayed as 12:00.
Letters of migrated projects (from Bizagi 9.1x to Bizagi 10.x) could not be downloaded correctly when the project was executed in Chrome.
Submit On Change was not executed in Suggest renders.
Time zone operations were executed over dates without time.
If due dates for timers were configured in the past, timers were not executed.
Sometimes Submit On Change was not executed in dynamic combos.
A visualization error in the asynchronous activities administration module from IE10 has been corrected.
Sometimes Submit On Change was not correctly executed in table columns.
Extended texts in customized columns were not correctly displayed in the grid view.
The Undo functionality in the Forms designed did not work after performing a Copy From.
Currency sign was not displayed in grouped tables.
A visualization problem related to combos in add forms of tables has been fixed.
A problem related to editing policies in Internet Explorer has been fixed.
A problem related to deploy the date selection calendar in query forms has been fixed.
An error was displayed when trying to configure a user image, when the entity log was turned on.
Minimum value expressions in date type renders have not effect.
Sometimes recurrent user jobs were disabled after their first execution.
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