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Release notes Bizagi Modeler

Version 3.2 Release date:April 6, 2018
New features
Value Chain – Enterprise only
The value chain is a powerful strategic tool that organizations may rely on, to stay competitive and focus efforts efficiently towards their line of business.
With Bizagi Modeler you can diagram your corporate value chain and analyze every step required to create core products or services, identify how to increase the efficiency of your chain, and create a competitive advantage.
Activity Stream – Enterprise only
The Activity Stream allows everyone collaborating in a model to keep track of all changes and comments performed by all team members, while being away, in rich and meaningful way. A time line lists all activities sorted chronologically. Each activity contains a representative icon categorizing the story types and a link to navigate easily to the object mentioned.
Advanced Search – Enterprise only
Users can perform advanced searches in order find processes shared with them directly from the Home page (My Processes or Process Models) or the Current Diagram view. The search will look not only in the process names, but also inside process elements and further properties.
Import and merge processes from Bizagi Modeler Files
We have listened to the community! Users can now import processes from other Bizagi Modeler files. They can select the models they wish to merge into a single model.
Sub-processes with lanes by default
We have listened to the community! Sub-processes did not have pools by default included, and the community asked for them.
Now, when a user inserts a sub-process to the canvas, it will have a pool by default, where lanes can be added.
Support for Visio 2016, 2013
We have listened to the community! Bizagi Modeler can now import and export files using Microsoft Visio 2016, 2013 and 2010.
Note: Visio 2007 and 2003 versions are no longer supported.
RACI roles modelling available for all
Bizagi Modeler has included new properties to be consistent with the RACI model, when defining the users involved in a task; which are: Responsible (Performers), Accountable, Consulted and Informed.
Shapes palette has been reorganized to optimize space
The shapes Palette buttons have been reorganized into two columns to optimize space, especially for screens with low resolution. Group names have also been removed.
Diagrams and Shapes can be alphabetically sorted in publications
When publishing to any format, you can now choose to sort shapes and diagrams alphabetically.
Diagrams and folders are now sorted alphabetically in the diagrams explorer
Diagrams and folders are now sorted alphabetically in the diagrams explorer (left panel) when publishing to Web and SharePoint, and when saving to Cloud.
Shape properties are now easier to read when a diagram is in read-only mode
All shape's properties are now easier to read in Bizagi Modeler application when the diagram is in read-only mode.
Avoid errors when using normal distribution in simulation.
Bizagi's simulation now validates and warns the user if the configuration in a Normal distribution will obtain negative values.
Exporting comments to Excel is now supported.
Fonts and colors are now customizable in Web publications.
Bug fixes
Reusable sub-processes were created by default in the root folder. They are now created in the folder of their parent process.
Data Store name was not showed when publishing to Word.
Modeler crashed when simulating Reusable sub-processes.
Titles did not use the style defined by the user in the Template when publishing to Word.
Issues maintaining text format for lists.
Attachments sometimes disappeared when using Save As.
Extended attributes on custom artifacts were lost.
Synchronization in MCS has been improved.
Links to process in reusable sub-processes were lost.
Changing the font in the Word publication template didn´t work as expected for attribute titles.
Russian rubles are added to currencies for simulation.
Rendering custom colors in the Process Viewer.
Extended attributes for pools were not shown in the Web publications.
Improved modeling errors notification.
Improved error messages when an attachment's name already exists.
Improved error messages when importing models with modeling errors.
Improved error messages when users in MCS has access rights are revoked for models.
Full names (name and last name) are now shown for users that comment, when using MCS.
Issues exporting to PDF were fixed.
Issues importing XPDL were fixed.
Text on tables could sometimes overflow the cells.
Resources were sometimes lost when uploading a model to the Cloud.
Issues uploading models that contained groups with associations.
Process folder name now uses the default language.
Model name and description alignment improvements on the MCS Web portal.
Issues on the mobile portal regarding interaction with models have been fixed.
Issues on the mobile portal accessing sub-processes have been fixed.
Labels are on selected language for mobile devices.
Associations with annotations were displayed incorrectly on the MCS Web portal.
Several performance improvements: opening a model took a long time when it was shared with multiple users, suggestions when sharing a model also took long.
Navigation in the MCS website is more fluid.
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