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Bizagi Modeler BPMN Release notes

Version 3.1 Release date:September 23, 2016
New features
Process folders allow you to organize your diagrams at will
When managing large numbers of diagrams Bizagi Modeler allows to search, view and organize your cloud diagrams into folders for best control and hierarchy diagramming. These folders can be created, deleted moved or renamed at anytime.
Support for Arabic and RTL languages
You can now name and document processes using right-to-left languages
Improved UI for desktop and Cloud Collaboration web portal
New modern and fresh user interface for the desktop application and our Cloud Collaboration web portal.
Improved Search capabilities
Now you can search within process diagrams and folders using the diagram name, any shape's description or folder name.
Improved diagrams view
Diagrams icon has been moved to the top of the application. Additionally we created List and Grid view to access your diagrams easily.
Support for 10 languages in Cloud Collaboration Portal
English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese (simplified), Dutch, Italian, Japanese
Synchronization and performance improvements
Owner can force unlock of diagrams in Cloud models
Diagrams and folders are sorted alphabetically in the diagrams explorer
Bug fixes
Modeler crashes and closes when running simulations
Table columns with : "[object Object]" name
There was an error when attaching a docx file to a Task
Errors when importing diagrams from Visio
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