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Release notes Bizagi Modeler

Version 3.2.7 Release date:July 6, 2018
Extended Attributes Validations – Enterprise Only
We have listened to the community! In collaborative enterprise environments, when users perform operations on extended attributes like deletion, edition or table modifications, Bizagi will now validate if the changes might be harmful to work previously done and inform so, showing corresponding dependencies.
Edit Published diagrams – Enterprise Only
We have listened to the community! Processes are dynamic and Bizagi understands this. Now published diagrams can be edited and accepted again, if the editor chooses to, on Enterprise Subscriptions.
Enable custom documentation logo for MCS Paid subscriptions
Users with paid MCS subscriptions can now benefit from publishing their processes without the Bizagi Logo or with their own.
Note: If you purchased a custom logo key, your current logo will keep working but you will no longer be able to update it. You will need to purchase a MCS subscription.
Bug fixes
Installer file now downloads with the extension for all Internet Explorer versions.
All diagrams are now shown in the Web Portal, even when it contains null properties.
When exporting models to Studio with “Run workflow” option, all extended attributes are now included and made available in Studio.
It is now possible to select the destination folder and filename when generating documentation and the language is set to French.
Texts labels on diagrams when changing the background color of Bizagi Modeler remain transparent.
Increased performance on vertical and horizontal aligning of diagram elements.
Validations on URL-type extended attributes were added so that invalid paths do not prevent the export to Excel, instead they are exported as plain text as opposed to links.
RACI labels on element properties are now correctly translated and available in Portuguese version.
Prompt to Check-in a diagram is now only displayed if the user previously selected the option to Save changes.
Errors when opening elements after a simulation are now captured and handled, the error occurred when after a simulation an element which one or more of its outgoing sequence flows was connected to an element without a Display name.
The clickable area of Events and Sequence Flows texts is now expanded to the whole rectangle of the text instead of just the border.
Diagram names are now truncated with an ellipsis when rendering on the web portal in mobile devices.
Texts and inputs when prompted for Microsoft log in credentials are now rendered as expected.
Image shapes are now rendered as expected when browsing a diagram on the Web Portal.
RACI Properties are now included when viewing a diagram in presentation mode.
It is no longer possible to publish a diagram that was just created (and is still empty).
Model names are now truncated with an ellipsis when browsed on the Web Portal, to avoid the overlapping of its name and the folders it contains.
When importing Visio files, on the file explorer, .vdx files are now available for selection, no need to click “All files”.
Texts in Resources view on Simulations are now left-aligned.
Models saved in the cloud with long names are now moved to Studio as expected when “Run workflow” is clicked.
When editing properties of a model on the desktop application, the changes are now synchronized accordingly on the Web Portal.
Purchase button is no longer available when a Work group purchase has already been made.
In Simulations, you are now able to close the properties view, even when some attributes are left empty.
Diagrams exported to Visio preserve the graphical layout of elements.
Error messages when publishing a model with a long name to Sharepoint are now more descriptive.
It is now possible to import BPMN files that contain duplicated elements.
Resized sub-processes when hovered over in the Web Portal are now completely shadowed, instead of shadowing their default size.
Bulk updating user lists with .csv files is no longer throwing an error and it effectively updates the list.

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