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Release notes Bizagi Automation Server .NET

Version Release date:November 2, 2018

For further information see our eLearning videos here.
New features
Deploy small portions of your projects without needing to perform a full deployment. You can export:
  • Rules
  • Document Templates
  • Message Templates
  • Forms
  • Mappings
  • Queries
  • https://help.bizagi.com/bpm-suite/en/index.html?automation_advancedd_micro.htm
    Data Synchronization - Big change in deployment journey
    Deployment packages are now splitted in two: the package exported from Studio which exports the metadata and a new package that exports the data. Please review our internal enablement.
    Dependency Viewer
    The package visualizer is enhanced with the dependency viewer, a tool which lets you identify the elements involved in the deployment package and the relationships between them.
    Include subprocesses in the deployment packages
    You can now define whether the export dependencies analysis considers the subprocesses that are part of the processes included in the deployment.
    Relate Custom Jobs
    A new option to relate Custom Jobs has been added under the Relate Objects option on Advanced deployments.
    OData Entities
    There are new OData services available to perform operations over entities. You can list entities, obtain details, explore values and you can even create new registers.
    Format dates within emails and document templates
    You can now select the format to which a date should be converted to in emails and document templates.
    The back button in query results now returns to the query form.
    Performance in the Scheduler module has been enhanced to perform database operations more efficiently.
    Performance running an SQL Query has been enhanced.
    Decreased loading time to open views in Studio.
    Expressions editor now includes line numbers.
    Bizagi now validates if the export process is called from a Development environment.
    Messages in Document template features have been improved.
    • Error presented when using the Release button in a task with multiple user assignation has been fixed.
    • Errors displayed when trying to open query forms with the case creator control have been fixed.
    • Events not marked with Show Events and Task in Search Results were displayed in the search, this was fixed.
    • Errors related to the CaseLinks using SAML have been fixed.
    • The expiration time of the SessionToken used for Federated Authentication has been increased.
    • Errors presented in data models in oracle projects have been fixed.
    • Errors in collections inside data model in expressions have been fixed.
    • Errors when invoking a web service from My Search have been fixed.
    • Errors related with the response of a web service have been fixed
    • The deployment package no longer includes my search nor relevant to me elements without dependencies.
    • Error displayed using the Export procedure have been fixed.
    • Problems when localizing properties in Live Processes have been fixed.
    • Errors displayed when trying to create the replication scheduler when the replication is not enabled have been fixed.
    • Now you can map the information of an image file name in the document template
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