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Release notes Bizagi Engine .NET

Version Release date:April 16, 2018

For further information see our eLearning videos here.
New features
Live Processes on premises!
Live Processes is now available for all on premises projects! Build complete processes directly in the production environment. Done at the Work Portal; with no code, nor a deployment procedure needed.
Live Process design only available for Google Chrome
Timeline option available from Inbox
A new icon is available to see the Timeline of a case directly from the Inbox as an additional
OData enhancements and new possibilities
Important enhancements to the OData API feature new possibilities such as:
  • Support to fill out forms (add new rows in collections, send out values for parameter entities).
  • Create cases while filling out start forms or sending files and images. This is available for non-stakeholder users.
  • Fetching the inbox cases, and completing their pending activities or events. This is available for non-stakeholder users.
  • Search for cases by their ID, or use additional filtering options in every invocation, among others.
Work portal performance
Work portal performance significantly improved when presenting multiple results (e.g., loading the inbox, running queries or searches, viewing virtual collections, among others).
Disable marking new cases as Favorite by default
When Stakeholders create new cases, these are marked as favorite by default. Disable this feature and let users mark the cases they wish as favorites.
Identify cases with multiple allocated users with Query forms
Feature to identify in Query Forms when multiple users are allocated to a task.
  • Issues with duplicated records using the function Save Entity have been solved.
  • Notifications now support dynamic grids.
  • Issues updating attributes during deployment have been fixed.
  • Transparent backgrounds on Theme builder are now shown correctly.
  • Multiple domains are now supported for LDAP synchronization.
  • Strings that started with numbers used to be read as number types.
  • Events are now supported for mobile devices.
  • Cross-site request forgery verification is disabled by default, a new key is available to enable it.
  • Various rendering and forms update issues have been fixed.
  • WS-Security is now supported.
  • Issues processing asynchronous activities with Scheduler have been fixed.
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