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Release notes Bizagi Engine .NET

Version 11.1 Release date:June 05, 2017
For further information see our eLearning videos here.
New features
Live Processes
Build complete processes directly in the production environment. Done at the Work Portal; with no code, nor a deployment procedure needed.
Available for Bizagi Cloud. http://help.bizagi.com/cloud/en/Cloud_LiveP.htm
Store business information in a separate de-normalized repository by importing it from a csv file, or by feeding it continuously from your Bizagi processes.
Connect this repository to any third-party software for reporting purposes, or to Bizagi Artificial Intelligence capabilities for data analysis purposes.
Available for Bizagi Cloud.
Artificial Intelligence
Out-of-the-box machine learning capabilities that combine process data with predictive analytics to automate and assist best the business decisions.
Available for Bizagi Cloud.
Design and build appealing, consumer-style web experiences with no coding and centered around the engaging and contextualized Experience design suited for each of your different Stakeholders.
Available for Bizagi Cloud.
Explore the new and powerful set of RESTful services, to leverage the engaging and contextualized Experience design suited for each of your different Stakeholders.
Through this OData-compliant API, access Bizagi data programmatically and securely from external applications.
Azure Active Directory authentication
Connect directly to your Azure AD to delegate Identity and Access Management, via standard OAuth + OpenID support.
Actions can be launched to affect or create an individual data records of your project, or multiple records at the same time.
For example, we can create Actions to book a hotel, update customer record or approve multiple requests at the same time.
Management portal
A new web-based portal is available to manage and monitor your Bizagi Cloud subscription and project environments.
The comprehensive list of options offered by this portal include monitoring BPU consumption, applying deployment packages, and others applicable to Enterprise subscriptions, such as: configuring parameters when integrating external applications, managing scheduled/offline tasks, activating traces and watching over them and further logs and alerts, importing users, or restarting cache and overall services.
Available for Bizagi Cloud.
SharePoint Online support
Bizagi now supports SharePoint Online for Bizagi Web parts
The activity tab in the case section is now always shown, even when there are no pending activities.
New scenario is supported: a virtual entity using a reference to a replicated entity, can now use the search control (to search over the virtual entity including the replicated one).
  • Multiple adjustments on Experience design actions and its action launcher control, including handling scenarios with images and sub-processes.
  • Query forms which contained a suggest control were having problems in execution.
  • Shortcuts for saved Query forms were not being properly displayed.
  • Certain special characters inputted in controls were not allowing Query forms to save changes.
  • Case number and case link information were not being displayed in emails ( and respectively).
  • Files uploaded within UI tables were not being sent in emails.
  • Multiple adjustments for tables in emails (both for static and dynamic tables).
  • Global forms were not being displayed while reviewing closed cases.
  • The Entities admin option was shown with empty information whenever access was not granted (now resolved so that it isn’t available).
  • Events were not displaying the UI when clicking on them.
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