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Release notes Bizagi Automation Server .NET

Version 11.1.2467 Release date:June 27, 2018

For further information see our eLearning videos here.
New features
SAML 2.0 Support
SAML 2.0 is the most widely-adopted industry protocol employed for authentication, and renown Identity Managers in the market support it. Bizagi supports integration with Identity and Access Management systems (i.e, Identity Managers or Identity Providers) by means of secure industry protocols and standards. Among such protocols, SAML 2.0 is now supported.
Assign Stakeholders by condition
Now from the Management Console you can assign users to Stakeholders in batch, with the conditions defined in Bizagi Studio development environment, in batch by enabling a key.
Command line deployment
Some users may require automating the deployment process by simply running a .bat file or they wish to perform changes on specific components on their production environment without performing a complex deployment process. Bizagi acknowledges these situations and now offers deployment automation via Command Line Deployment. http://help.bizagi.com/bpm-suite/en/index.html?cl_deployment.htm
No administration privileges are needed for MC tools!
Now users can use MC tools without the need of administration privileges, including: Create Database, Create Import, Delete License, Export, Export Process Template and Bizagi Automation.

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