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Bizagi Modeler Services

Optimize and publish operational processes to increase efficiency and governance across your organization

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Modeler Services transforms our popular process modeling software into a global portal for process governance and compliance.

Eliminate the need to create and manage a centralized process repository by saving your models directly in the cloud.

Work together with your colleagues who can review the models from anywhere on any device and provide real time feedback.

With centrally documented process models, employees can easily access and learn those processes, improving compliance with your policies and procedures.
Start your digital journey with 3 simple steps:
1. Get Bizagi Modeler
Join our community of 650,000+ users, and then start saving your process models in the cloud using the Personal Plan.

Download Bizagi Modeler
2. Collaborate with your team
Explore the potential of collaborating with colleagues across the globe with an instant 30-day trial of our Workgroup Plan.

How to collaborate
3. Increase process governance
Publish operational processes in a centralized cloud-based platform that all employees can access using the Enterprise Plan.

There’s a plan for everyone, from individuals
looking to store process models in the cloud to organizations that need enterprise-wide process governance.
  Personal WorkgroupEnterprise
Editors Free Monthly subscription Yearly subscription
Contributors - Monthly subscription Yearly subscription
Models & Processes unlimited unlimitedunlimited
Storage 10 MB 100 MB per editor 1 TB
Work Offline
Mobile access
Process folders
Collaboration -
Real time notifications -
Activity Stream - -
Value Chain Diagram - -
Process Versioning - - Coming 2018
My Processes - -
Process Compliance - -
Single Sign-On - -
Dedicated Cloud - -
Advanced Search - -
Start now. It’s free Start your free-trial now. No credit card needed Contact Us
Enjoyed your free trial?
We are confident you’re going to love using Bizagi Modeler Services.
To ensure you keep the benefits – make sure to upgrade to our Workgroup Plan or contact us to know more about Enterprise Plan
Cloud pricing FAQs
To get started in the cloud, firstly check that you have the latest version of Bizagi installed.
Download Bizagi Modeler now.
Editors have full access to shared process models. They are able to edit the process flow, and include documentation. To do this, they need to have installed Bizagi Modeler on their laptops.

Contributors can review the processes shared with them and collaborate by providing real time feedback. They can also view and read the document of all the processes published by an organization. To do all, contributors simply need a browser and access to a device of their choice.
You need to buy a minimum one Editor license for yourself, then scale up to the number of people within your team.
Yes. You can add Creators, upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your subscription whenever you like. However, we will charge in advance. If you cancel your subscription you will not be charged for the upcoming period.
You will receive a warning three days before the trial is due to expire. This will alert you to the current amount of storage used. You will then be asked to upgrade to our Workgroup Plan, which will allow you to continue enjoying the benefits of the trial. If you choose not to, your account will be returned to the Personal Plan. You will retain your 10 MB free storage, but you will lose any models exceeding this amount. Your team will also lose the ability to work on the process models.
For Workgroup Plan, we only offer this service via PayPal. For Enterprise Plan, please contact us directly.
You can turn off automatic renewal from your PayPal account. Once cancelled we will not charge the next month and your account will be downgraded to Personal.

  1. Log in to your PayPal account.
  2. Click Profile at the top of the page.
  3. Click My Money then click Update beside My preapproved payments to find your payment.
  4. Select the payment, and then click Cancel.
The only difference is that the trial has a top limit of 99 users, split between Editors and Contributors. All other features are exactly the same.

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