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What’s free? Bizagi Modeler and Studio. Enterprise-level BPM software without risk. No fees. No time limits. In addition, test unlimited processes for up to 20 participants with Bizagi Studio.
What do I pay for? Bizagi Engine The only paid-for part of our BPM Suite. Execute as many processes as you need, right across your organization.
run Bizagi enterprise-wide
Two flexible ways to pay: Perpetual license (pay once and get unlimited usage) or Bizagi Cloud (usage based pricing with ability to scale up & scale down).

Academic license

Is your institution a college, university, not-for-profit school, or HE provider?
Then take advantage of our Academic License:

  • Model & automate for free
  • Benefit from enterprise-level BPM
  • Open to all educational institutions

Apply for an academic license


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