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Mobile BPM software

Leading the BPM Mobility Charge

Most BPM vendors offer mobile solutions. But it's not good enough. Discover a mobile BPMS that delivers an optimal user experience on any device,
achieved through seamless integration with legacy systems and back-end processes.
Why consider a mobile BPMS?
Fact-based decisions Business users are connected around the clock on any device they choose. This provides them with a centralized view of their processes when they need it, empowering good decisions without the restrictions of the office.
cost savings
Cost savings Working on processes on any device of the employees' choice significantly reduces hardware and support costs. The code-free widgets allow non-IT users to create and enhance their own process applications to adapt quickly to changing market dynamics.
By giving consultants and other care or support workers the power to manage information while on the go, the hospital built a modern highly intuitive mobile care BPM that is paving the way for more widespread mobile usage, aiming at driving a better experience of the end-to-end patients' care. Dr. Adnan A. Al-Tunis, CIO, PSMMC
increased productivity
Applications display optimally on any device, allowing users to access documents and reports via their smartphone and enjoy working on them.
customer experience
Optimized customer experience Adding mobility to BPM extends its role from seamless back-office automation to optimizing user journey right through the whole application.
Bizagi customers are connected and productive
- on the move and around the clock
Model once, run anywhere
Bizagi delivers fast results that run optimally on every mobile device.
Our innovative UI supports new devices as they come to the market.
The result:
An optimized user experience for each device, which can be easily extended
by the user community while maintaining compatibility.

Mobile-first intuitive User Interface (UI)
In Bizagi there is no such thing as a 'mobile form', only a single user interface that you design. The complete palette of interface Widgets are available for any device – including multi-page grids and data tables.
Context-aware Widgets are intelligent, meaning they know how best to render on every device but can also take advantage of device-specific features - such as a camera or location services like Google maps.
device agnostic
Device agnostic Bizagi mobile BPM users don't have to worry whether their device supports the software. Even the most complex BPM scenarios can now be handled by end users regardless of whether it's a notebook, tablet or smartphone; running BlackBerry, Android or Apple.
Flexible & extensible With the extensibility of the Bizagi Widget platform, customers can easily add new forms across multiple devices. What's more, our Widget Xchange offers a wide collection of complex UI building blocks to help you speed up your development and that of your colleagues.
Bizagi says...
When delivering a BPM platform on mobile devices, you don't know what applications will be powered by it. What you do know is that you need all the flexibility and adaptability available. That's why Bizagi chose a blended delivery through native or hybrid, based on the HTML stack, to deliver its mobile BPM solution. Jesus Sanchez, CTO, Bizagi

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