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BPM & SAP Workflow Integration

Be flexible. Be responsive.

How it works
Maximize your SAP investment - Bizagi BPM brings a new way
to make your existing SAP system agile.

Enjoy all the benefits of modern technologies
without migrating your core systems.
SAP systems are robust and powerful, and surely deliver strong business value and benefits to your organization. But, are they flexible enough? Can you use your ERP from any mobile device? How easy is it to improve and automate a SAP process?
The Challenge - Flexible SAP Automation
Go Bimodal - by adding an ultra-modern process automation layer (mobile, cloud & social) that seamlessly connects to your existing SAP you can quickly get all the benefits of new and modern technologies without having to migrate your existing SAP system.
The Bizagi Way - Seamlessly connect existing BPM & SAP systems
Combining your SAP investment with modern BPM technologies can help improve the flexibility, agility and control of your SAP processes in order to deliver an exceptional customer experience, reduce costs and optimize business performance.
The Results - Combined SAP & BPM Technologies
SAP + Bizagi BPM: 2 integration options
Connector-based integration

SAP & BPM connector-based integration

Fast, easy and secure: for seamless SAP integration, the Bizagi SAP Connector is the way to go. Supporting SAP's BAPI integration interfaces, it wraps around your SAP business modules, allowing you to interact and execute business functions without the need for special coding.

You configure your processes to invoke BAPI wrappers to either query, create or update records directly in SAP. Choose either to activate a button's click in the user interface; through asynchronous task handling timeouts; or a preset number of automatic retries. The SAP connector authenticates directly with an authorized SAP user, instead of delegating security to your web service setup.
Benefits of choosing the Bizagi SAP Connector
  • Out of the box, standardized interface to applications and data on SAP server
  • Simple setup - graphical mapping for SAP inputs and outputs
  • Powerful features for exception & error management
  • Full support for SAP’s BAPI protocol used for real time queries and updates
  • Direct authentication via SAP users for flexibility and ease of maintenance
  • Enterprise-level integration for any SAP module (FI, SD, MM, HR, CO and more)
Web services (SOA)
 Bizagi BPM integration layer & direct communication with SAP
Prefer a generic connector? No problem. Simply connect via the Bizagi integration layer and communicate with SAP directly. What’s more, you can use SAP NetWeaver as a broker to act as an integration hub serving as a middleware between SAP and Bizagi BPMS. This option simply decouples the business process from the SAP system and enables real-time processing.

Benefits of choosing the Web Services (SOA)
  • Support for standard XMLs and external servers – platform-independent, and the programming language used in the services implementation.
  • Allows business information from process to be sent as input to external service
  • Works with master and transactional data
  • User-friendly definitions allow interfaces to be defined by Business users
  • Support for SAP Brokers (e.g. NetWeaver) to house message routing & data transformation logic
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